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Canada “considering” letting int’l students return in September

Canada’s federal government is “considering” letting international students return to the country for September as long as they can be safely accommodated, a letter obtained by The PIE News has revealed. 

Canada's federal government is considering amendments to restrictions that would allow int'l students to travel the country for September. Photo: Pexels

The designated learning institutions were given just one day to assess whether they could comply

The letter dated July 29 was sent by deputy minister of Ontario’s Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Laurie LeBlanc, to Ontario’s designated learning institutions.

“We will continue the discussion of the impacts of Covid-19 on international students”

It outlines how the federal government is currently “considering” amendments to restrictions on cross-border traffic that “would allow international students to return to Canadian postsecondary education campuses beginning in September 2020”.

According to the letter, IRCC is trying to assess whether postsecondary institutions are ready to accept international students and meet a draft list of federal guidelines for their safe return – if the government decides to let international students back into the country. 

In order for Ontario to provide confirmation to IRCC on your postsecondary institutions’ readiness to accept international students, I ask that you review the attached draft federal guidelines and confirm your institution’s ability to meet the guidelines for September 2020 by end of day July 30, 2020,” the letter reads.

“Your responses by July 30 will support the ministry in confirming to the federal government that you are able to meet the requirements laid out in the attached guidelines and are fully capable and ready to welcome international students to your campuses come September.”

We will continue the discussion of the impacts of Covid-19 on international students as part of our ongoing consultations,” the letter signed by LeBlanc added.

A six-page list of draft guidelines outlining the obligations of designated learning institutions around supporting students who come into the country was also included.

It explained that institutions will have to help students understand and manage current health restrictions and guidance, which includes helping them develop their quarantine plans ahead of their arrival in Canada, assisting them with hotels, homestay, custodian or other accommodations.

Institutions would also be expected to provide transportation from the airport or initial point of arrival in the local community to their place of quarantine.

The institutions were given just one day to assess whether they could comply with these new guidelines – although they were invited to confirm to the ministry as soon as possible if they were unable to meet the July 30 deadline. 

“We are advocating a blended approach to reopening Ontario’s career colleges”

At the end of July,  CIC News obtained a letter signed by Canada’s immigration minister Marco Mendicino, and health minister, Patty Hajdu with the purpose of engaging in dialogue with provincial and territorial governments, as well as institutions, about ways to safely welcome more international students to Canada over the fall semester.

Institutions are currently working out how they will make the necessary arrangements to safely welcome students back in such a short time frame.

“Our priority as the province moves to resume classes is, and always will be, the safety and well-being of our students and staff,” Christopher Conway, CEO of Career Colleges Ontario, told The PIE.

“While policies and guidelines are essential to protect the wellbeing of individuals on campus, we must recognise that online learning is essential in the current environment.

“We are advocating a blended approach to reopening Ontario’s career colleges upon the approval of government and health authorities,” he added.

Conway said that the blended delivery model incorporates a combination of online and in-person training to uphold the quality standards and delivery of college programs while minimising the risk of an outbreak.

“Having this model in place earlier would have allowed the sector to respond even quicker to the pandemic,” he added.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, Canada has sought to remind international students that they are welcome in the country, although in practice, this has been difficult to achieve.

Earlier this year, Canada announced that international students would be exempt from a travel ban as long as they had a valid study permit or had been approved for a study permit prior to March 18.

However, the Canadian government has since updated these rules so that international students were unable to travel to the country unless they had a non-optional reason to do so.

“Our priority… is, and always will be, the safety and well-being of our students”

Canada’s decision to only admit those who had a ‘non-discretionary or non-optional’ purpose for travel resulted in a backlash from Indian students in particular, who have faced confusion around flights and entry into the country.

A campaign which calls on the Canadian government to open its doors to all international students including those who were approved for a study permit after March 18 has so far received more than 5,400 signatures.

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120 Responses to Canada “considering” letting int’l students return in September

    • Yes, they must lift border restrictions for at least International students so that students can make their future shiny and bright

    • Yes, they should atleast allow all students those are holding their visa before march 18 …

      i got my visa on jan 17 for may intake in Canadore college Mississauga Ontario in course Computer system networking technician but due to lockdown i defer my intake and now the same situation is going on i wanted to join online classes but there is no such availablity of high speed internet connection how do i start my classes from India …

      • Have you tried to go Canada? as you have got visa in jan. also some students are going after getting letter from colleges. Are you willingly staying here or want to go now?

      • Hi All, is there a group on telegram/whatsapp where all the students going through this unfortunate situation can stay connected?! I have paid my fees for a year, completed the application process and am waiting to travel to Canada. I am dreading I will complete my 50% online coursework shortly being stuck in a deadlock.
        Please help.

    • We paid 30k USD/year just for online study with a12 hrs time difference, and with no insurance covered but with fee paying. Plus we have internet restriction in our home country. I paid for my life in Canada but not just exchanging of a work permit!

    • Yes, I strongly support this petition , not only international students but their family (spouse and children ) should also be allowed to travel.
      Online studies are not as effective as in person classes are beneficial. Many countries have time difference that also halt to attend online classes.

  1. Canada allowed us to start studying online from our home countries in May. You can find courses eligible for PGWP at the minimum 8 months. Those who has started studying already, will be completing 50% studying overseas in September. Those who the course length is one year, will be completing in the fall – November. They have to let all international students back in the country by September, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.
    This is so unfair, we pay 3 times more than domestic students because we would be living in Canada. Our fees are still the same and we can’t make it to Canada, courses will be online maybe until Spring? We won’t be able to use infrastructure from colleges… this is so frustrating. Our dreams is going down to the drain. AT LEAST ALLOW US TO MOVE TO CANADA

    • On behalf of all the international students, I strongly urge that Canada should take a serious and smart step to allow international students into the country. Best way to tackle this situation is to ask students to do the covid test once in their country, submit while departure and once in Canada airport and ask them to follow 14 days quarantine. I believe this should solve the problem. Please do consider this, with the time difference,health issues due to being awake at night, slow internet and various other problems, it is impossible to be happy with online after paying such a huge fees.

    • I completely agree with you Daniela. My fees are high and the whole benefit of being an international student is gaining overseas exposure. But I do understand we are in a pandenic but there are ways we can be tested and quarantine. Also like youreelf I am also trying to obtain the PGWP and it appears courses will not be returning for winter/spring semester. So if we are not let in for 2021 when are we going to be let in. It gives me great anxiety daily

  2. Why Canada lifted restrictions to Americans? Regarding COVID-19, they are the worst. Should studies be a right for everyone? Why allow Americans and people that got their visas before March 18 prove they are traveling for a non optional reason, if ALL OF US HAVE THE SAME REASONS AS THEM???
    We are facing problems with internet, many of us will have in person classes. Canada should lift restriction to all international students and make this equal to everyone

  3. We all know we are going through a pandemic. So many countries have lifted their restrictions to tourists. Some of them ask Covid test within 72 hours. Why Canada can’t do the same? Has been 5 months since this has started. At the beginning no one knew what to do, but now there are many ways how to deal with the “new normal”. We will do the test. We will do quarantine. We are begging to let us in the country and study. Study matters. It should be considered essential no matter what.

  4. It’s not only Indians are facing problems to fly back to Canada. I am raising my voice to all Brazilians that are so scared of being turned away at the airport. Please lift restrictions to all international students!!!!!!

    • As an international student from Brazil who are waiting for my daughter begging her studies in September ( She in Brazil, I am already here since 2019), I endorse you request!

      • Considering the circumstances of the outbreak of Covid it would be wise perhaps for you to continue your High School Studies including English if applicable in your country until perhaps we have covid under control.

  5. I am an international high school student and I am desperate. The classes will be full presencial from September and the school districts have no conditions to provide online classes exclusively to international students. I have to be in Canada by September, otherwise I will not be able to successfully graduate from high school in the future.
    Education IS essential! Please help us!!!

    • How has the situation been for you… are you in Canada yet? I’m also an international high school student and I’ve been feeling so much in distress because of the “study permit approved on/before March 18th” requirement and my school doesn’t offer distance learning too!

  6. Apart from the poor internet connection and time zone,the major drawback is that we can not continue the earn while learn policy.this is almost impossible in India that we can continue day time job and study together with a differenttime zone. We have to leave the job and only then can attend the classes online. Due to the fee structure,this is not at all possible to deposit even the next semester fee without earning a single panny. Above all, a safe quarantine plan can solve all the problems. If there is no symptoms of covid then there is no point of putting restrictions. Every student will follow the rules of safety and quarantine then there is no harm to any country.

  7. Please allow all international students. We are facing so much stress, online study is also essential, got visa before 18 of only one year but college is also not providing supporting letter. Such a pathetic situation, told them my problem that online study will be challenged for me as I’m living in rural area. But they don’t care.

  8. Yes sir we are facing a lot of problem in our home country this is leading to our distressed mental health please allow the international students any how without any ban on them. Please

  9. Everybody is talking about the information related to those who got visa before 18 march or aip…what about those students who are done with biometric and visa fees ..and still visa is in processs? As we are not sure our students will be able to study this year or not…i will waste almost one year of students …no clear guideline is provided so that one can make proper decision.

  10. Canada made us believe they were there for us and then turned away. Now our money is gone, we are confused, Indian airlines are rude when we try to board flights. It’s insulting and heartbreaking to go back from airport after bringing all your luggage. Our money never comes back. Not from airbnb for quarantine nor full refunds from tickets: we have completed 50% of course, where do we go now? Airlines are not letting us travel. It’s killing us everyday.

  11. I am an international study started online my semester in May 2020. Now it is near to an end. But now college force us to study online for next semester also. We cannot huge fees for studying online. College will not give us support letter for travel. We are unable to zoin classes online furthermore, as it is hard due to timing, low bandwidth. Kindly find a solution before next semester starts.

    • It is most unfortunate at this time for international students as well as Canadian students. To come to Canada just to see the beauty can be at another time in the future. Eventually Covid will be gone like other pandemics through history. In the meantime if possible completing your studies in your country would be a good option and probably cheaper. Cheers

  12. We Sri Lankans also want to come into the country. I already have a 14-day self quarantine plan, transport to the quarantine place, meals etc.
    What was the actual purpose of putting the March 18th prior rule ?
    Im sure most of the International students pay the full amount and we get to follow our programs in our own shelter ? Why would we contribute such amount of money to develop Canadas economy when we can invest the money to develop our own Motherlands economy ?
    Please consider this. My program is starting in August and September will be very late.
    We were awaiting to see the wonders of Canada, the beauty etc. and we still are.

  13. Im also speaking on behalf of the Sri Lankans.
    I actually don’t get the fact of letting in US Students where there had been the highest number of Covid Cases whilst the other countries don’t have such and we don’t get to come in.
    I also don’t get the rule of letting in Travellers whose visa was approved prior 18 March. If the students are ready to follow your health guidelines, and have a proper 14 day self quarantine plan, I don’t see any harm.
    Please be kind enough to ease the travel restrictions before September begins as we will face a huge issue not being able to attend for classes with the 14-day quarantine period.
    We all want to witness the beautiful country and enhance the education you provide.

  14. At least provide the stucked visaz!!! We r desperately waiting for visazz my filing is done since 17 March… goshhhh!!!!we won’t travel Canada but take online sessions… there’s alot of stress!!! We can’t take it anymore…we hv been wasting months for Canada’s studies …give us visazz so at least we may consider online classes…!!!!!!!

  15. I’m an international student from East Africa (Tanzania) we are happy that COVID – 19 did not hit us the same as it did in other part of the world. My frastration is about the restriction to travel to Canada for my fall semester studies ,I don’t appreciate at all the way we have been treated since most of the students comes from different circumstance and afford online education would be more challenging to us…please let us into Canada for our dreams to come true.

  16. It has been a long time waiting for the travel. It is affecting the career of the students so please allow International students to travel to canada

  17. Thank God I didnt pay the fees and took quick decision to study in India only ,,I think everything has end and if one door closes God opens the other door,,,will just wait n watch

  18. Canada is virtually most loving for inte students and multi racial countries So they should also give due consideration for their off campus study who are elegible for September.

  19. Please allow travel to all international students , we are facing many difficulties while talking online classes due to environment, internet connection, time zones . We want to go foreign countries to studies because of these difficulties. If these things are good in our home country then why we went go other countries for studies? Please help us and understand our situation

  20. I am an International Student having valid study permit before March 18,2020 .It will be problematic situation for me to attend online classes as I don’t have proper internet connectivity in my hometown. Kindly be fair and allow international students to be in Canada so that they can start their study in proper facilitating environment.

  21. International students are suffering from stress and huge financial damage because they dream to study in Canada to get quality education but canadian government is not helping them at all.Atleast they should allow the international students to enter canada who got their visa before march 18,2020

  22. For those students who are living in rural areas, its very challanging for them to study online because of poor internet connection.plz atleast allow to those students who got their visa before 18 march.

  23. Plaese lift restrictions for international students.I hope that every internatinal student will follow the rule of safety nd quarantine.So, please let us into Canada to fulfil our desires.

  24. I was denied to board my flight to Canada here in the Philippines just this August. I have an approved study permit before March 18, 2020, have a ready self quarantine plan, and had a poor internet connection at home plus time zone differences. Given all the guidelines by IRCC, I can travel to Canada but still we were denied (one international student with no letter of support from her school was denied too like me). The local airline as per said by the border told me that my online class is now an optional reason to study but this is not clearly and concretely stated in IRCC travel restrictions. They were asking for letter of support from university that our travel/presence should be essential and should be indicated in the letter issued by the school but the latter can’t provide me such letter and told me it’s MY responsibility to defend my reason of poor internet connection and time zone difference to the border. This is so frustrating. We were not given a chance to talk to the border. And, before travelling, I even emailed IRCC and CBSA to ensure if I can travel despite of having online class. Their only reply is as long I meet the travel exemptions and my purpose is non-discretionary, I can travel. But all of a sudden they put online classes as optional purpose and not even announcing it officially. Why would you say that those who are approved on or before March 18 can travel but being denied, given more requirements upon flying and put on hold in the end? Much more, asking for more documents that are refused to be given to help international students. It’s a very big WHY? I came home very disappointed and burdened. I incurred penalties as well for my ticket and now coordinating with the airline for uncertain date when to fly really. This is so much hassle and waste of time and money.

    Please help us. We do understand your concern for everyone’s safety and we will cooperate to that but having online class in Canada is essential too. We will study after all.

    Praying for better guidelines.

  25. I applied for may 2020 intake and it was postponed to September because of covid. It has been 5 months now that u did not get my visa approval despite completing all the formalities. Almost 1 year is wasted now. Please take necessary actions to get the visas processed and help us get an approval so we can fly to Canada.

  26. As a long-term international student in Canada, I can attest to how Canadian bureaucracies are terrible at finding solutions and generally adapting to the times. Canadians hate to change or adapt a policy and are protectionist to the core. Innovation is slow here because the people who influence or make the decisions many times don’t have the drive for the job or the right mindset for what’s becoming a solution-oriented world hence I doubt they can adapt to the challenges brought by a world-wide pandemic. They are very rigid about things they consider “policy”. This rigidity not only concerns government but also barber shops and private citizens. Example: you book a restaurant for your girlfriends’ birthday party, and you ask the manager if you can come earlier to drop a birthday cake. If they say Sorry, you can’t bring the cake. If they cite a policy that says no food from outside or no Tupperware from outside, god help you! you gotta either buy the cake from the restaurant or go book somewhere else. If they don’t have the cake, they offer you instead their dessert menu made up of only two items: maple glazed crème brule and a cobbler with a scoop of vanilla. But they ran out of the later, so you’re totally stuck with the crème Brule for your girl friends’ birthday party. It tastes good. No shame at all but it’s not a properly glorious birthday cake.
    All in all, adjust your expectations, express your demands, don’t give up, and don’t take these policies personally. These policies do not define your value and what you are able to do. Even Canadian students here had a Covid relief program that was announced in March or April, but then there was a political fallout with the charity that was supposed to run the volunteer program. The program got delayed! and Canadian students missed out on opportunities they were hoping for in this dreadful summer. They said this program would pay all students whether domestic or international who volunteer a certain amount of hours. But when they recently rolled out this volunteer program for students, they excluded international students. I guess they could barely make it up for their own. Maybe they apologized maybe they didn’t.

    • Hlo p m samant ,
      As you was saying that you booked a 16 th aug vande bharat mission flight . So its 16 august. Did you succesfully board the flight from india to canada?? Also, please tell me your classes are fully online or offline. Which questions were asked by CBSA officer and at delhi airport??

  27. sir my work permit is before 18th march 2020 i got ircc letter i paid all money to university i book one flat for residing in canada agreement with me my ticket is confirm in india date 16 th aug vande bharat mission flight medical policy taken iam ready to quarantile 14 days pl tell me any other permission required to travel by air to reach canada

  28. it is soul crushing for students who have spent so much financially to not be able to come to Canada, our families have done more enough then they ever could just for their child to not be able to enter Canada, its very depressing for us, we understand its a pandemic but how long is it going to go like this students are mentally abused by this.

  29. Since waiting from alot of time .I hoped that canada will lift its ban for september session but unforunately they extended its border restriction till 31 august. What about the students who paod hefty amount of fees and are still in their home country and also had their visas before 18 and the canadian border officer is not letting the students who dont have essential reason even with the visa before 18 to enter . This is totally unfair with international students .students paid fees to study in canada not to stay in their home country .

  30. Students must allow in fall september 2020 because they have spend lot of money with the purpose of get a student as a international student.

  31. It’s not Indian and Brazilians who facing this challenge it’s all African students to Canada are in a dilemma as well. I stand for all International students to be treated equally by Canadian government. Hopefully by end of August before learning starts we will be able to send students to Canada.

  32. All SP holders should be treated equally no matter they are approved before or after 18 Mar.
    While the Canadian Government continues to approve of study permit applications, they should allow the international students and family their entry to Canada with the appropriate quarantine measurement.

  33. Everyone is talking about students who got visa approval before 18th march, what about us? I am student from India and i have applied for Loan in bank and got the Loan and money for PGDM course in canada for May intake, i put my visa file on 1st March & on 18th March Lockdown started and visa embassy stopped working. Now still it’s showing file in progress, What about us? I have no more money to pay to bank and now there are no update for students, My college is not providing Travel support Letter, i am helpless and slowly this is turning into depression. This is my humble request please raise this issue and do something IRCC Canada government Indian airport authority.

  34. Hi, I’m from Azerbaijan and fall semester is going to be my third semester. Fall semester is going to be entirely online and it doesn’t work for me. I have left all my stuff in Canada. College has made a ridiculous discount for my tuition fees ( 127$) and it doesn’t make any sense to me because online education is far from my expectations. Besides Canadian government imposed restrictions on international students but they have to consider that relations should be mutual. I’m upset, disappointed, frustrated.

  35. I came to Vancouver on mid july, trying to stay here and prepare for my niece’s coming, for the new chapter of Canadian study. All of a sudden she’s restricted to come as her approval was after March 18, and my whole plan collapsed . So please allow them to come back.

  36. As the Canadian government allowed the international student from all world wide . As I applied for 2020 jan for Ontario college . There a chance of getting study permit .. please help with these thing

  37. I have paid all my 2 year program fees to the university and I was supposed to start in may. But now in my country because of Canada restrictions. This is so unfair

  38. Its been my dream to study culinary arts in Canada, i finished my bachelor degree last spring and started applying to a culinary arts school in Canada, after applying to the school and getting acceptance letter covid pandemic spread and after applying for the study permit i found the biometrics center in my country closed and it just opened 2 weeks ago and i submitted them, and now i’m waiting and don’t know what is gonna happen or until when will i stay uncertain about my future. At least allow international students to enter so our fears can fade a little bit away

  39. Please do not allow students from India or Brazil. Look at their covid case numbers… Way too many cases there. Please don’t bring that into Canada.

  40. I am not against international students as I M also one of them but at this point if the Canadian govt allows students from Brazil , India or USA where there are millions of new cases eveey day it will put Canadian seniors at very high risk , right now Canadian lives are more important than international students ,,govt must not allow any students until the vaccines are successful .

  41. The right answer should be the health and welfare of Canadians should come first. Worried about people bringing Covid with them.

  42. Canada allowed us to start studying online from our home countries in May. You can find courses eligible for PGWP at the minimum 8 months. Those who has started studying already, will be completing 50% studying overseas in September. Those who the course length is one year, will be completing in the fall – November. They have to let all international students back in the country by September, WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME.
    This is so unfair, we pay 3 times more than domestic students because we would be living in Canada. Our fees are still the same and we can’t make it to Canada, courses will be online maybe until Spring? We won’t be able to use infrastructure from colleges… this is so frustrating. Our dreams is going down to the drain. AT LEAST ALLOW US TO MOVE TO CANADA

  43. The Canadian Government doesn’t care about the predicament of international students. As long as you pay your tuition plus surcharges, Canada and her universities will get their money and thus don’t care. This way, you pay for the education of Canadian students, as it should be. Remember: talk is cheap. Canada only cares about Canada and Canadians. I managed to get my study permit because I’m part of a greater petition of international students (we’re roughly 500) who threatened the respective universities with fully pulling out. Again: talk is cheap, you gotta be convincing.

  44. It is so frustrating how Canada has been treating this restriction . we fully understand the pandemic and we are ALL going through it. Had contributed all my money for four years to graduate high school in Canada. had came home this feb and because my permit expired during then I had to apply for a new one that they do not consider as exemption. My uni I had been waiting for the last 10 years and I came to Canada to attend the university. even tho my program required me to be physically on site they do not let anyone in. WE DO NOT PAY A MILLION BUCKS TO SIT HOME AND TAKE ONLINE COURSES. at least let students in whose travel purpose is essential.,we will quarantine, we will be tested. we will follow the rules.. please do not turn us away from our dreams that we have been chasing for so long..

  45. Canadian government is not at all supporting international students .why? We all have essential reasons to come canada,course might be off campus or on campus why not given equal priority to come. Our study is our top priority why not government think about it. Even students are all ready to follow instructions then why!.

  46. I’m student and got visa before 18th march.My college is not providing travel support letter to online program students. But here it is not possible because of internet as well as range problms. That’s why we choose Canada to study over there.we have proper right to study there because we paid huge amount of money.i thoroughly request that allow every student atleast who got visa before 18th march with fully online program and provide us travel supprt lettr.waiting for your healthier response.

    • I am an international student of Canada from India. I lodge my complete file on 14 March but didn’t get result yet. I deferred my intake from may to September as of now it’s hard for me to study in India due to poor internet connection at my location as well as different time zone. I request to federal government of Canada for lift the travel ban for international students.This is also hard for you to accept international students of three intakes in january. Kindly accept students in September

    • I got my visa before 18th march. I can’t start my classes online due to bad internet connectivity. It will be the big challenge for me if I start taling online classes. My college is not providing travel support letter because the course is online. This is totally unfair.

  47. Government of Canada should open flights for international students,mostly for those students who got their visas till 18 March.

  48. I am a student and got visa before 18th march. Firstly canadian government said that when the travel ban will be lifted students can travel who have a valid study permit can travel but now they have changed their decision and put in restrictions to students when they have taken their classes online and now students have no option left most of the students are depressed. It is the duty of canadian government to allow all students who have valid study permit to enter to canada and get success in their life. All the students have paid huge amount of money to get international education but now they are forced to study in their country . Undoubtedly it is very difficult situation for yhe students .I request canadian government to help the international students.

  49. International students should be allow to enter Canada . We have paid fees internationally and it costs huge only because we want to have Canadian exposure. Students who got online visa before 18 match with online classes should also allow to enter Canada . Due to time zones and poor internet connectivity , it really become difficult to manage like to submit the assignment we have to check theCanadian time and many more. I wish Canadian government and colleges look after this carefully and allow us to enter in canda . It’s really disappointing that only incampus or Hybrid courses students are allowed to travel . Our dreams are broken .

  50. They should allow the international students to travel to canada for fall intake and all the restrictione lifted so, students can travel easily.

  51. I’m an international student and I had already wasted 4 months in waiting for removing restrictions on students as it was not possible to take online classes from india due to bad internet in my hometown as well as time zone difference.
    Kindly let students enter to Canada and make their future bright.

  52. It’s been over 8 months I’ve paid huge amount of my tution fee and i got my visa in Jan 2020 and I’ve genuine reasons to travel but still My DLI isn’t providing me travel letter and saying we are following the guidelines of ircc So where the fuck we will go huh? Will we gonna roam here n there till Jan like street dogs huh? 🇨🇦 canada must lift travel ban

  53. Yea, we all international students are very confused regarding our travel. We don’t want waste our time. Its a humble request with folded hands from all international students who have got their visa to exempt us from travel restrictions. Whether we have online programmes or in campus programmes.

  54. International studemts should allowed to travel to canada there are sevral reasons like timezone problem , internet restrictions .Online study is only possible if there is solution of these major concerns. These problems only sort out when students can travel to canada. So canada should invite their bright future by allowing international students

  55. Canadian embassy should take some necessary steps to proccess applications. All the international students are still waiting for their Visa approval who had already submitted complete applications with biometrics. Visa processing system is too slow. This is so unfair for international students.

  56. All students even approved by/after merch 18 must be allowed for entry to canada this fall 2020 . Besides , there would be a no issue/problem at port of entrance with students from cbsa officers. Voices of students mus be considered by gov of canada.

  57. World have to learn to live with corona virus. we can’t waste the productive time of young students. so canadian government should allow alll the international studends with strict quarantine guidelines.

  58. I am international student and i got visa before 18 march and i. Wanted to travel to Canada for my study as I spend huge amount of money to do study in canada so that i can make my future bright

  59. its a humble request to canadian governmnent should allow students to crose the border because in india, there are alot of problems for students to face. The future of students only depend on their studing in canada, here are opposite facilities than canada ….time zone is big issue for students …they pay their fee also its a big amount for them to pay fee to canada colleges and universities. We also understood this pandamic condition but government should provide facilities for students soo canadian government should allow students because they also worried about their future

  60. This will be a better decision taken. Everyone is now concerned of the pandemic and so many control measures are known. They should consider students.

  61. But even though we are allowed. Some embassies have not opened yet. I submitted in December last year but no feedback yet and extended my intake to September. Special consideration should be given to students. Much money is spent in the visa process.

  62. Canadian government should allow students to travel to Canada for September intake and don’t let pandemic to break student’s dream

  63. I am an international student . I always pray to god that Canada lift the travel restrictions for international students because we can’t do study in our home country because of internet problems and time zone .
    We are ready to follow the guidelines like quarantine plan but please call us to come to Canada . So that we come here and do our study properly and brighten our future.

  64. I m a student of sep fall intake and I received my visa before 18 march. But now they suggest me to do study online in my home country. But here is a big issue with my internet connection and I am not able to do my study here. So, what i should do?please help us!

  65. Look there are numerous ways with this pandemic…who knows till when this corona virus will be dead or when will the actual vaccine come…but there are ways to deal with many probs man..if we students wanted to study online..why would we have considered canada…our home country can provide a decent one…its the lifestyle we wanted..its the environment we wanted..nd more importantly indian girls who travel to Canada there main reason is safety..and good education…u all know the time difference between canada and india…but still u gave us this offer..u know many people belong to rural areas…
    Lift the ban
    We can get corona tests there, quarantine whatever u want from both india and canada airport…

  66. Look there are numerous ways with this pandemic…who knows till when this corona virus will be dead or when will the actual vaccine come…but there are ways to deal with many probs man..if we students wanted to study online..why would we have considered canada…our home country can provide a decent one…its the lifestyle we wanted..its the environment we wanted..nd more importantly indian girls who travel to Canada there main reason is safety..and good education…u all know the time difference between canada and india…but still u gave us this offer..u know many people belong to rural areas…
    Lift the ban
    We can get corona tests there, from both india and canada airport…we can stay quarantine for 20 days max..
    Why you guys are creating so much problems
    Even America has started welcoming there students
    Canada is still safe …its just so frustrating..
    We cant do this online thing dear sir and mam…after investing so much hard work and money…its not what we wanted…take care

  67. I’m a student of may intake i have received my visa on 22nd January 2020 from northern pures college with course general business and intake is been shifted to sep 2020 almost half of year is been wasted and their is no availability of online classes as well . Please allow the students to travel canada dont cut our wings let us fulfill our dreams even America is welcoming students where’s canada still safe. I hope students will get justice .
    Thank you

  68. Its a humble request to Canadian government please lift the travel restrictions. We invest so much hard work and money please understand our problem and lift the ban it’s a humble request 🙏

  69. And what about higth school students?. Are they considering to allow entry in Canada this September to start in higth school?

  70. I am a international student waiting for the visa aproval from embassy . My medical and biometric finished . Still we searching my application still processing .please do the needfull to get permit for study in Canada. We are waisting our time etc…Surely what is the canada rules and regulation we will follow up …while we are in side canada .please Canadian authority do something for international student.

  71. International Students should be allowed to enter Canada, not only because of the students but also for the economy of the country. There should be strict measures to avoid gatherings at the canteens / coffee shops and the class rooms should have enough space for students to maintain a healthy distance. International Students before boarding the flights must submit a negative covid-19 certificate from a recognized / approved health facility in their home countries.

  72. Please consider as international student we face many problems when studying online from our home country like network issues, time management and also I’m from Sri Lanka in our country we are now facing power cut situations which badly effects our studies please consider our request as soon as possible. Hope you could understand our situation.

  73. Please i am supposed to start my studies online this fall. Submitted my study permit application on line ( minus biometrics only) on 1 June. No response yet. This is beyond stressful. Could you please expediate approval of in principle study permits otherwise it means a whole year going to waste for me and others who can start studies in the fall only.

  74. International students opt to come to study in Canada because those academic opportunities are not available in their home countries. Once students comply with all covid 19 guidelines, they should be allowed to enter Canda. In my country, the internet supply is unreliable, i have not been able to join one single online workshop to date because if it isnt the internet, its a power cut or some other issue. I cannot start a course for which i paid four times over more than a domestic student with such wavering issues. What if i start a class and im disconnected whilst im doing an assessment or any such experience? It is unconscionable to deny international students. We deserve better!

  75. Are there any updates on this situation? Fall semester is starting very soon and we need to know if we can enter the country if we have a valid student permit. If anyone knows anything please let me know.

  76. Please consider and allow international students entry to Canada for the fall 2020 intake in September as classes are going to begin soon and the underlying conditions in our home countries are less than ideal to study online. Humble request to lift the travel ban on international students. Thank you.

  77. We as international students are paying more than domestic students. Why would we prefer online sessions? All are aware how bad the condition is in America, still Canada exempt American students from travel restrictions. This is not only unfair but extremely risky for the country.

    I would suggest covid test to be performed atleast 15 days prior boarding date and once reached we will be in quarantine as made mandatory by Canadian government.

    Indian students get several options to pursue graduation as well as post graduation by enrolling into correspondence courses.

    I hope our request will be considered.

  78. We all know we are going through a pandemic. So many countries have lifted their restrictions to tourists. Some of them ask Covid test within 72 hours. Why Canada can’t do the same? Has been 5 months since this has started. At the beginning no one knew what to do, but now there are many ways how to deal with the “new normal”. We will do the test. We will do quarantine. We are begging to let us in the country and study. Study matters. It should be considered essential no matter what

  79. My classes are about to start on 8th of September but I am unable to get my support letter I don’t know why?? There are few students who are getting their support letters and also flying to Canada. I don’t understand what’s going on. If we have to study from our home country then why we invested such a huge amount in Canada. They have to understand that it’s so difficult for us to study from home country. There are alot of barriers we had to face like different time zone, low speed of interest, lack of resources and many more. It’s a request atleast allow those students to travel who have got their visa’s.

  80. I am attending online class from India… can i move to canada to attend rest of my class as i have completed 50% of course from india

  81. Hello Everyone…..!

    Currently am in canada.I have complete 50% program in canada.Now my September 3rd Semester fall term is online, can I leave Canada to go home country to attend my course online?

    Waiting Yours Reply…..!

    Thank You….!

  82. please allow international students to enter in the canada the huge time difference between india and canada is lot more complicated

  83. Please Canadian government should lift restrictions for international students. Nigeria has faired so well in this pandemic moreover the Time zone is not helping the students. My daughter keeps having headaches because she is struggling with keeping abreast with Classes, chat discussions, assignments. Data/network connections another issue. She has over three different networks on standby. Electricity issues also, someone has to help her turn on the Generator where everyone has gone to work. Please we appreciate all the concerns students need to be in the country of study. Thanks

  84. Like i am going to apply in Canadian college and listening to all this is so sad. I do agree with all the people here because they need to understand the time laps that we will face and students will not be able to cope with the studies. We are ready to be in quarantine and show them the proof that we are covid-19 negative. We are ready to do anything but just let us travel to canada.

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