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Just in case you were wondering whether or not you should advertise with The PIE, here are some of the nice things our readers have said about us:

“I have admired the evolution of The PIE over these past years as you have developed into a primary source of news and editorial for multiple aspects of international student mobility. Congratulations on your accomplishment which is a valuable source for international educators.” Mark W. Harris, L.H.D – President Emeritus, ELS Educational Services, Inc. (International)

“The PIE News is like the Vanity Fair of international education: a mix of hard news stories and features and photos that capture the real culture of international education.” Daniel Obst – Deputy Vice President, International Partnerships, Institute of International Education (IIE) (USA)

“I got to the PIE Review you shared with me today and no kidding, read it cover to cover on a flight and absolutely loved it. Tons of relevant and timely content and I’m a big fan of the design and layout, great work 🙂  The what happened where / who said what sections in particular are fantastic summaries to have.” Imran Oomer -Vice President , International University Alliance

“We find it important at StudyPortals that our staff (especially account managers) understand the needs and goals of Higher Education professionals. It is logic then to reach out to The PIE Jobs for promoting our vacancies as the experience from their audience could not be more valuable to us. What has been a great surprise though is how easy it was to start a promotional campaign, how great the service was, but especially how great the return on investment has been: Our job post from August 2017 for instance has resulted in two recruits! This is definitely why we will use The PIE Jobs board again and recommend it to anyone in international education who needs to find new staff with relevant experience.” Bertrand Laborde, University Value global director, StudyPortals

“I think you have done an amazing job building up your company in the way that you have in such a short time. Your up to the minute news across different education sectors covering different parts of the globe is greatly valued – particularly by those operating at the sharp end of the industry.” Giles Jacobs – Area Manager , Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School (China) 

“I think The PIE is amazing and that it is truly international. It has filled in a specialised niche in the international education market beautifully.” Janet Ilieva -Founder and Director, Education Insight (UK)

“The PIE provides us with useful and interesting information always. Thanks!” Yukari Kato – Executive Vice President, Ryugaku Journal Inc. (Japan)

“That Piece of PIE News always hits the spot on Friday afternoon – a cup of Yorkshire Gold and a gander!” Matt Simmonite – Director, Junior Vacation Courses, British Study Centres (UK)

“I’ve come to rely on The PIE for a fresh perspective on the business of global student mobility. Amy and her team consistently provide insightful content simply not found anywhere else. I particularly enjoy pieces of The PIE related to innovation. As a matter of fact, this clipped quote from an early PIE Review is taped to my desk lamp: ‘With any new innovation in higher ed, no institution wants to be first, everyone wants to be second, and no one wants to be last.’ I can count on PIE to shed light on those new ideas in the first place!” Cheryl DarrupBoychuck – Head of USjournal and FundsV (USA)

“Most days, I only have a short break for a ‘lunch’, when I have a sandwich and spend 10-15 minutes catching up with news on a few websites, one of which is usually The PIE.” Andrew Waite – International Business Manager, South Thames College (UK)

“PIE, wow, a fresh wind came in when reviewing your website, reading your newsletter and studying your concept. Left me only with a jaw dropping – this is awesome – effect. So efficient and conveniently arranged, just excellent, well done (and this comes from a senior international recruiter/international relations officer who’s seen a lot but never that good).” Ria Duykers – Founder/Owner/Consultant, Wellness Travel Global and Global RTC (Canada)

“I wanted to congratulate The PIE News team for putting together The PIE Review. What makes it extremely valuable is that the content embraces topics that link our day-to-day issues to factors that go beyond our own local reality. It explores global social, economic and business trends, contextualizing our industry in a broader arena.” Santuza Bicalho –  Director, CVC Brasil – Cursos no Exterior & Intercâmbio Cultural (Brazil)

I just wanted to say this is fantastic! I have been working in various roles within international education since 2004 and have always felt something was needed to bring us wandering souls together! One of the reasons your site is so appealing is because there is no impartial resource for industry information out there for us. Great job and good luck.” Bortehan Dagistan, Apollo Global (Europe and Middle East)

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying having this relevant news consolidated in one spot by you and your team. Cheers to you!” Lisa Besso – Director, ELS Pathway Programs (USA)

“As a former Navitas Marketing Manager and now current member of a newly-formed ‘beo Partner Support’ team, I am thankful for your site. The website you have developed looks great and definitely fills a void in the industry. Have bookmarked and asked colleagues to do the same.” Hiten Amin – Institutional Liaison, BEO (Japan)

“Since launching Uni-Pay to the international education market over 5 years ago we have interacted with Amy and the ever-growing team at the Pie News many times. It’s been a pleasure to be a customer and also to see the company grow to a position that is now so integral to the international education sector on a global basis. I particularly remember an article that I wrote about the use of agents some years ago that was featured in the Pie News – the reach was incredible with mentions and tweets by the likes of the Telegraph and even the China Daily News. We would never have achieved this level of exposure if we had tried to release it on our own. It’s also really good to see the additional services that have been added over the years – I have used the Pie to recruit fantastic staff in recent years and can’t think of a better place to reach good people that already have a full understanding of the complicated nature of this market. That’s just not really possible to find if you go to more generalist recruitment providers.” Simon Read – Sales Director, Flywire (International)


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