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Canada makes major concession on entry for international students

International students will be exempt from Canada’s travel ban as long as they have a valid study permit or had been approved for a study permit prior to March 18, when the travel restrictions took effect.

Students graduating at University of Toronto. Photo: Can Pac Swire/Flickr

"They will come. I talk to thousands of students every month through our social network"

This is a major concession from Canada for its sizeable international student community – it is also making concessions for its temporary foreign worker program. Full details of the exemption are expected to be detailed early next week, according to the IRCC communique.

“These international students and faculty are valued members of our university communities, and are contributing to Canada,” Universities Canada president Paul Davidson said.

“We are very pleased to see that the government recognises this and is ensuring they will be able to return to Canada.”

Foreign students are now anticipated to travel to Canada as planned for spring-term (May) enrolments, according to Canada-based Gautham Kolluri, who runs global education counselling firm CIP Study Abroad and has many Indian student clients.

“I am hoping that institutions can come up with some support”

But he said that students would need assistance from the colleges they were enrolled with to help them navigate logistics from airport pick-up to organising accommodation, especially for an initial 14-day isolation period.

“I’m looking into booking furnished homes and hotels,” he told The PIE News, explaining that his agency is already an exception in terms of organising interim housing for students as they arrive. “Most students have nobody out here,” he said.

“It’s very difficult logistics that we have to co-ordinate now,” he said. “If the government has advised that students have to stay self-isolated for 14 days…for new students…we have no understanding how to do it. I am hoping that institutions can come up with some support.”

Asked if some students would decide not to enrol, Kolluri said he felt those who had already made the financial investment would decide to travel anyway, despite it being unclear now how they would access the studies they have paid for.

“I don’t see any students really saying, sorry, we are not interested, we are going back, especially from India – the largest second-largest market for international students,” said Kolluri.

“They will come. I talk to thousands of students every month through our social network. It’s a very big commitment for students and their parents’ financial commitment and also given their interest to study abroad – especially given that this would lead to post-study job opportunities and permanent resident pathways. This is a very important decision for the students.”

Lane Clark, president and CEO of the Canadian College of English Language (CCEL) and Canadian College, told The PIE that he and his staff were “relieved” by the government’s decision even though operations have already moved online.

“We are happy to hear that, when it is safe to reopen, students will be able to arrive and attend classes,” he said.

“I have never seen something this impactful on this industry and truly hope we will all come out intact on the other end. There have been many localised issues over the years, however this is a complete standstill, the magnitude of which has the power to shift our entire industry.”

A spokesperson for the University of Alberta added that they were also pleased to see the regulations clarified by the IRCC and will continue to support all its students as the world “adjust[s] to the ever-changing realities of this global pandemic”.

The exemptions also include all temporary foreign workers, with particular mention being made of seasonal agricultural workers, those working in fish/seafood and caregivers.

I don’t see any students really saying, sorry, we are not interested, we are going back”

Workers in the low-wage stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program will also be able to work for two years, instead of just one.

“Our government will continue to take the measures necessary to protect the health and safety of Canadians, including putting in place social distancing, isolation and travel restrictions to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” commented Marco E L Mendicino, minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship.

“Today’s announcement will ensure both a robust response to addressing the spread of the virus and that our farmers, fishers and other producers have the workers they need, when they need them, to strengthen Canada’s food security and provide other vital services.”

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56 Responses to Canada makes major concession on entry for international students

  1. this effort is only for those students who got study permit before 18th march but talk about those student who waiting for login embassy files for may intake like me my classes on 1st of may . Tell me and clear all things .

    • Even I’m in the same situation. Please let me know in case you get any updates regarding the resumption of embassies.

  2. i wanna know when cdi college of montreal is start?Actully my classes starts from 26 march and i dont come there because of covid-19.Plz tell me when can i come?

  3. You kidding? Students travelling from other countries coming to our country in the middle of this catastrophic times to attend classes because you consider valued members? while we are told all schools are closed for Canadian students!? And you Minister? Are also wanting us to PROVIDE physical distancing for them? We can’t even go shopping for groceries during our 14 days!
    Where’s the logic? What about Canadian children and all Canadian students? What about the 14 days our Canadian residents are enduring? More freebies? Where are they coming from? What about safety? What about their health status prior to making such unbalanced decisions? Who’s testing them before they get on the plane. Do they spend 14 days in their country before boarding? What about the plane crew?
    BTW I believe that your conditions to who couldn’t respond to this post are not even met by your group!

  4. I am sorry but Canada has so many homeless people that need housing and it’s going to give these international students furnished accommodations?! WTH

  5. But I M Sorry I Dun Have A Proper Knowledge But I Moved To Canada On 25th Feb ..This Will Not Flatten The Curve Itz Insane..

  6. So I’m confused. Why is Canada allowing international students to return to Canada when there isn’t any school? All universities have been closed? So, what pray tell will these youngsters do once they arrive other than get quarantined and or get sick and die in Canada? Hmmm sounds like another brilliant move from the liberal government.🙄

  7. So I’m confused. Why is Canada allowing international students to return to Canada when there isn’t any school? All universities have been closed? So, what pray tell will these youngsters do once they arrive other than get quarantined and or get sick and die in Canada? Hmmm sounds like another brilliant move from the liberal government.🙄

  8. Another brilliant move by a brain dead liberal government. How stupid can you get! There is NO school going in Canada! No school for Canadians or foreigners! Come to Canada to die of covid 19. That’s more like it.

  9. They should all be flown to quarantine in Trenton base for 14 days as it already set up. After that they could transport to their universities. I don’t see what the rush to do this now is as the universities are closed and people are doing distance courses. Why could they not do that while still in their own countries?

  10. So, international students are going to come to Canada where they will be expected to social distance for the entire term, so they will be taking courses off campus, isolated in their homestay? What is the point of that?

  11. I have a valid work visa as i am dependent to my wife who is already studying in montreal and i am very much worried. I got my visa in January 2020. Have they exempted work visa also, i am in india now.

  12. Imagine permanent residents who travel through the border to work are barred. And we are bringing in students who won’t be able to attend classes

  13. Really? There is no school! Everything is delayed.stay home. Adding more people to an already underserved population is ridiculous.

  14. It’s good to hear from the govt about all this but I need to know what about those students who will complete their 2 semesters in april & have enrolled themselves for may intake in another college.
    Another concern is how will they be compensated as they will not be able to work for a month & they are short of money.? Their basic needs fir survival rent , grocery etc.

  15. Shame on the Canadian government to allow travel to international students when they know very well that there will not be any in person courses in any institutions in Canada . They just want the money and the Chinese students to park the money

    • Why shame dude!!!! Canadian government is doing good just think of those students who were waiting from more then 1 yrs to study abroad if unfortunately byanyhow govn. Put ban on student then there will be more time loss I know health is also important but if student is more concious about there health then there is nothing bad

  16. Whether present situation will affect students
    who are in process of taking admission in coming fall ie sept 2020 in Canadian universities.

  17. Kindly update about Northen Pures college in Toronto as my classes has started on May 5 , got visa before March 18, but as per the resource there are not flight as well as any facility to international students in canada . It is also risky for us. So kindly help me to defer my course in September Intake without any deduction in funds .

  18. What about the students who have been admitted to universities but still haven’t got their study permits?
    We have spent a lot of time, energy and money and we don’t want to lose our positions.

  19. Students who already paid rent for hostel in their college in Vancouver and after spending leave in India came back found themselves being kept in isolation and that too in private accommodation on their own expenses.They have paid twice the rent for living They must be refunded the rent from their college hostel for the period they had to remain isolated in private accommodation

  20. It is a grateful ideas from the Canada’s government. Well done job.
    However, the necessary measures should continue for safety. Grateful.

  21. It is a grateful idea from the Canada government. Well done job.And what of students, who are working toward September .

  22. Hey i got PR VISA ,but COPR valid till 28th may,2020..please tell should i wait or extend my copr?i booked ticket on1st april 2020,but had to cancel due to pandemic.

    • Give up your dream of studying abroad. Enrol in an online course in India itself. Understand the situation. Not safe at all.

  23. can anyone tell will it be fine for coming in september?? will the situations be alright ?? like it is all closed in canada so can students land in september ?

  24. On the arrival in canada as a student where will we stay for 14 days and what about rent and other charges if we are put in any health campus ? Or can we stay with our freinds but in a different room for 14 days. Please clear

  25. Now,Canada has no standard at all looks like,we are living back home govt doing this for money not for standard there,houses,are mess no manners not a good listener walking with sleepers on roads driving more accidents some of them under,graduation fake certi nurses are working as a security guard other job show,career job fake paying to their,lowers 25000 fake job letter immigration is doing any investigation some,od boy girls fake marriage Mr Trudeau nothing know filling up with next few,years canada will be on welfare better watch liberal party will do wont get next votes

  26. I am an international student at University of Victoria, and studying Mechanical Engineering. Since March 16, there has been no classes. All classes and tests including final tests are online. So There is no value to bring them here. After this mayhem is over, then they should be able to come to Canada and continue their studies. Beside all scientific researches and studies, it is a multi billion dollar industry. All these students can continue their education online as us here.

  27. Can I get 7 days leave to go to India and what the process regarding it ??
    Give me full detail please.

  28. Study online. Please remain in your own countries and allow the virus to run its course before coming here. Neither you nor we want to be at further risk. University and college classes are offered online. There is no reason you cannot engage in course work from your own country.

  29. New international students who got study visa before 18 march are allowed to travel to canada from india?

    • My daughter Rajjasreet kaur is in your clg inrolled.But she too sick in India.I send her medical certificate to your clg .Now India is lockdown.She can not come back Canada.please help me .Thanks

  30. Sir when the students with exemptions will be allowed to enter Canada because yet we are not allowed without support letter from college and IRCC .??

  31. There isn’t really any concession, it is a double whammy that has created further chaos.

    God knows which one will be an approval or refusal.

  32. Hello!
    I want to know what if I have completed all the required documents since March 13th would I have the chance to travel to Canada this fall ..considering the problems of distance learning especially on this developing country as Tanzania

  33. Coming 2 years are worst time to invest your money in foreign education. Students going ahead with this decision should be very careful !
    All the best

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