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  • USA: FBI issues study abroad warning

    The FBI has issued a warning to US students studying abroad of the dangers of being targeted by foreign intelligence recruiters. On the agency’s website is has posted a 30-minute video as well as information on how students are targeted and tips of what they can do to protect themselves abroad.

  • IALC Brisbane workshop debates future of online booking

    The 31st IALC workshop held in Brisbane was held in Australia for the first time this year, offering great diversity of agency attendee, a great insight into Australia’s offer for students and a topical seminar discussion around online booking and the commoditisation of the industry.

  • ETS tests no longer accepted by UK visa authorities

    The UK government has ended its licence agreement with ETS to provide Secure English Language Testing as required by UKVI. This means that TOEIC and TOEFL scores are no longer valid as proof of English level – ETS confirmed it made the decision after TOEIC fraud was uncovered in UK testing centres.

  • India drives 7% increase in US graduate applications

    Numbers of applications to US graduate schools have increased by 7% despite a 1% drop from the US’s largest international graduate student source country, China. The gain has instead been lead by double digit growth from Indian students for the second year in a row according to data from the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS).

  • Visa issuance suspended at four colleges in Ireland

    The issuing of visas and residence permissions to international students seeking to enrol at four English language colleges in Ireland has been suspended, following an undercover investigation by The Sunday Times that resulted in claims that some schools are willing to alter official records, allowing students to flout visa regulations.

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Birmingham, Illinois in new HE UK-US alliance

Birmingham, Illinois in new HE UK-US alliance

The University of Birmingham and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a strategic partnership that will provide a framework for collaborative research, teaching and boost study abroad exchange.

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Langports to donate profits from new Sydney school

Langports to donate profits from new Sydney school

At the IALC workshop held in Brisbane last week, host school Langports English Language College announced the opening of its new campus in Sydney that will donate all of its profits to the Langports Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children through education.

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Melbourne, Tsinghua to open virtual ‘C-Campus’

Melbourne, Tsinghua to open virtual 'C-Campus'

The University of Melbourne and Tsinghua University have partnered to develop a cloud-based 'virtual campus' that will enable joint course delivery and research collaboration. This is the latest agreement in a longstanding relationship between the two universities.

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UAE’s DIAC targets China in recruitment drive

UAE's DIAC targets China in recruitment drive

Dubai International Academic City has rolled out recruitment campaigns for the first time in China in its push to develop the international branch campus hub as a top higher education study destination. With a booming job market bolstered by the 2020 World Expo the directors of DIAC are bullish that enrolments will grow.

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What is the UK’s soft power legacy and how can it protect this?

What is the UK's soft power legacy and how can it protect this?

Soft power is a frequent phrase now in international education circles, but a Lords Select Committee in the UK spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand better what it is and how the UK can better harness it. The subsequent report makes interesting reading and calls for, yes that's right, a rethink on students in net migration targets amid 80+ other suggestions. Amy Baker delves in to this and another Who's Who-based study of soft power in the UK.

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