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  • 3.3% of visitors to Britain study ESL during stay

    Some 1.1 million visitors to the UK took an English language course during their stay in 2013, spending more than £1.2bn in course fees, accommodation and other expenses, data from VisitBritain and the Office for National Statistics shows. Just 24% of visitors who took an English course said that study was the main purpose of their visit.

  • Russia cancels US-funded FLEX programme

    Tense relations between the US and Russia have led to the cancellation of the largest US-Russain educational exchange programme after a teenage Russian boy sought asylum in the US on the grounds that he faced persecution at home as a homosexual. For 21 years the FLEX programme has funded more than 23,000 high school students from former Soviet Union countries to study in the US.

  • IDP survey: Australia good for graduate opportunity

    International students still perceive the USA and the UK as top destinations for a quality education, however, according to the latest IDP Buyer Behaviour research, Australia is considered among the best study destinations for graduate employment opportunities and Canada and New Zealand are seen as affordable and safe.

  • UK HE agent management needs reform, lacks transparency

    A British Council-backed survey of university processes for managing education agent relationships has revealed insufficient safeguarding and training built into the relationship, and the report’s authors warn that improved self-regulation is essential to avoid government intervention.

  • New tactics needed to tap African demand, experts say

    Africa is a market hungry for quality education but many destination countries have been slow to react to demand. Leveraging equal partnerships in country and catering for a local, not regional, student group is a good way to go, delegates learned this week.

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ISIS rebrands to Oxford International

ISIS rebrands to Oxford International

A leading UK-based education group, ISIS Education, which provides a broad range of educational programmes in the UK and North America, is rebranding to “Oxford International Education Group” following strong growth in recent years.

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NZ commits NZ$10m to Asian languages

NZ commits NZ$10m to Asian languages

The New Zeland Ministry of Education has allocated a fund of NZ$10m to support teaching of Asian languages in secondary schools across the country in order to increase ties with key trade partners.

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