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  • UK: May plans to make all non-EU grads to return home

    UK Home Secretary, Theresa May, delivered a pre-Christmas body blow to the sector, unveiling plans to force all non-EU graduates to return home even if they intend to stay and work in the country. Institutions could also be expected to monitor post-study departure of their students.

  • UK moots end of university/private provider sponsorship

    Changes being mooted by UKVI around Tier 4 policy could have “catastrophic” effects for branch campuses and private providers. Draft guidance has been issued by the Home Office on the issuing of CAS by universities for students enrolling at associated campuses or pathway providers.

  • New US-Cuba ties spell “exciting opportunities” educators say

    Education providers and organisations have told The PIE News that US President Barack Obama’s announcement this week to restore US diplomatic and economic ties with Cuba carries encouraging signs for international education.

  • Laureate CEO: Our TNE driven by access, not politics

    Doug Becker, CEO of Laureate Education, has predicted far more private-public partnerships in the future as higher education provision becomes more competitive. He also said his company focused on opening up access to education rather than the political context of a partner country.

  • UUK 10 year snapshot: international students offset domestic dip

    An annual trends report released by Universities UK shows that amid a decline of 6.3% in domestic student enrolments in 2012-13 across all UK institutions after a decade of growth, international student numbers continue to increase.

  • China cracks down on Sino-foreign joint programmes

    China’s Ministry of Education is tightening legislation on Sino-foreign joint programmes and has revoked the approval of 246 existing programmes and institutions in a bid to better regulate joint ventures, which have increased dramatically over the last decade.

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Global Youth Challenge winners announced

Global Youth Challenge winners announced

Three international high school students have won flights and a scholarship to attend the Chrysalis Young Leaders' summer school programme at The University of Queensland's Emmanuel College in Brisbane at the Global Youth Challenge.

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guard.me donates CAN$500k to int’l student support

guard.me donates CAN$500k to int'l student support

Sheridan College in Ontario has received a donation of CAN$500,000 from international insurance company guard.me to support its growing number of international students. "International students’ services is not keeping up with the demand,” said CEO Keith Segal.

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International internships: how is this sector evolving?

International internships: how is this sector evolving?

As study-work policies fluctuate in key study destinations, internships are becoming an effective and popular way for students to gain valuable on-the-job experience. To varying degrees, countries and private providers are developing strategies to enhance the role of internships within study abroad and as a stand-alone international experience. Katie Duncan reports.

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Cultural collision: what is learning a language like from the inside?

Cultural collision: what is learning a language like from the inside?

Culture shock can strike international students the world over at any time, leaving them feeling isolated and displaced, and sometimes even causing them to return home. Katie Duncan finds out what agencies, educators and governments are doing to help smooth the transition and even speaks to students themselves about their cultural experiences.

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