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  • Norway scores highest for international student satisfaction

    Norway has claimed the top spot in this year’s international student satisfaction awards from StudyPortals, overtaking Ireland which came out on top last year, with 9.26 out of 10.

  • UK tops THE global rankings for the first time

    The University of Oxford has, for the first time, topped the 2016 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, knocking leader, California Institute of Technology, from the position it held for five straight years.

  • Students undervalue study and work abroad, report argues

    Many students who have access to international experiences don’t realise their value until after they have graduated, according to a recent survey. Study abroad, language courses and intercultural exchanges are all overlooked by students, it found.

  • International schools hit by oil & gas crash, says ISC

    Plummeting oil & gas prices are affecting enrolment at international schools in Southeast Asia and the Middle East, according to the International School Consultancy Research.

  • EAIE: research, student funding concerns span EU

    The risk of losing out on collaborative research funding dominated concerns over the impact of Brexit as stakeholders committed to work more closely to lobby governments on both sides of the channel at the EAIE conference in Liverpool.

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How are global MBAs taking care of business?

How are global MBAs taking care of business?

With more than 16,000 business schools enrolling students around the world, the quality and value of a business degree is variable. Even though demand for business degrees remains steady, the world’s leading business schools are still in a race to remain relevant. Natalie Marsh reports.

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Student accommodation: the business of living overseas

Student accommodation: the business of living overseas

Where students live when they study overseas is a big deal and as the international student market grows, so are the big deals in the accommodation investment space. Amy Baker reports on the trends in accommodation worldwide.

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