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What is the UK’s soft power legacy and how can it protect this?

Soft power is a frequent phrase now in international education circles, but a Lords Select Committee in the UK spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand better what it is and how the UK can better harness it. The subsequent report makes interesting reading and calls for, yes that’s right, a rethink on students in net migration targets amid 80+ other suggestions. Amy Baker delves in to this and another Who’s Who-based study of soft power in the UK.

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What’s next in student recruitment for the year ahead?

Evolving recruitment channels in international education will be a hallmark of 2014’s legacy. From developments in the agent debate to expanding MOOCs, booms in TNE and new models of direct interaction with students, key trends this year will centre around nuanced ways in which educators are finding, attracting and enrolling international students, reports Sara Custer.

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The PIE profiles international education entrepreneurs

From a birthright in international education to a chance encounter with the industry or sometimes just a bold leap from employee to entrepreneur, many business owners started their journey. These innovators are helping shape and direct the industry, and The PIE spoke to many success stories from the education sphere to find out how, why and what next.

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