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Why testing proctors are essential in today’s digital age

The role of a LanguageCert live proctor for all English language exam candidates is pivotal in ensuring the validity, security, and integrity of the online examination process.

The proctor is there to ensure a consistent, high-quality exam experience for the test taker and to ensure the exam is conducted fairly under secure conditions. Let’s remember that with an online exam, candidates need the necessary support, so they feel comfortable and safe throughout the end-to-end exam experience.

Test security is a challenge that all examination boards face regardless of the type of exam delivery, and it’s not a new phenomenon. In today’s digital age, exam cheating has taken on new forms, and proctors are essential for maintaining standards and security: by verifying identities, following standardised protocols, enforcing rules, and creating a secure exam environment. All these aspects create a robust package that contributes to the credibility of LanguageCert exams.

In the three years I’ve been working for LanguageCert, including almost a year as Online Proctoring Team Supervisor, we’ve encountered various cheating attempts, such as impersonation and even people disguising themselves as the opposite gender. This is where the combination of diligent proctors and advanced technology swiftly detects and addresses such cheating attempts using visual checks, artificial intelligence, biometric ID verification, and voice analysis.

Technology and humanity combined

The LanguageCert exam process involves multiple stages before, during, and post-exam. It includes a range of new security measures such as ID verification through biometric technology, AI monitoring, software that detects and prevents access to other applications, and post-exam analysis to ensure integrity.

Several teams collaborate to achieve this: technology teams develop and maintain the proctoring system and new security technologies, while quality assurance teams devise safeguards, and administration teams oversee the entire process. Adapting and reviewing security measures is a continuous process to ensure exam integrity.

But the balance between AI, processes, and the human element is crucial to exam integrity.
The former provides efficiency and identifies cheating patterns, while the latter brings judgment, adaptability, ethical decision-making, and the ability to handle complex situations with empathy. This is where online proctors demonstrate their unique value.

The proctor factor

As supervisor of the online proctoring team, I oversee their activities, identify training needs, ensure process improvements, and swiftly address cheating attempts. This safeguards fair, valid, and reliable assessment and maintains certification value.

“But the balance between AI, processes, and the human element is crucial to exam integrity”

We regularly monitor and train our teams in the skills they need to stay current with evolving cheating methods. In our team meetings, we discuss the challenges they’re facing at the front line and evaluate their performance to know how we can continually enhance our exam delivery service and security.

For their part, our proctors feel a personal responsibility to ensure exam integrity, being the closest person to the candidate and a key preventer of malpractice. This makes our commitment to exam integrity unwavering.

Protecting the value of honest achievements 

Being involved in LanguageCert’s proctoring team is an immensely fulfilling role.

Upholding exam integrity and deterring cheating attempts helps to maintain the credibility of certifications that can be life-changing for individuals. Integrating advanced technology while maintaining fairness and professionalism reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement.

And I’m aware that my role—and that of the proctors I work with—has a global impact: supporting education and career growth worldwide.

Security within exams is of paramount importance and is a collaborative effort involving technology, processes, human expertise, and judgment. Maintaining security, trust, and credibility is our priority, as true value—for candidates and the places they go to study, work, and live —comes from honest achievements, not cheating.

About the author: This is a sponsored post from LanguageCert. Antigoni Josephine Bountis holds the role of Online Test Center Supervisor at LanguageCert. Her extensive background in Operations and Quality Assurance equips her with a wealth of expertise, and her career is characterized by a steadfast dedication to achieving customer excellence, driving process improvements, and a passion for continuous development. In her present role, she plays an instrumental part in the collaborative effort involving technology, processes, and human expertise to maintain exam security, trust, and credibility of LanguageCert examinations.

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