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UK: QAA calls for tougher regulation of private sector

In the wake of the huge UK exam fallout from last week that resulted in the suspension of licences at 57 private colleges and three universities, Director of Quality Assurance at the Quality Assurance Agency, Stephen Jackson, has said the UK's current regulatory landscape is not robust enough to prevent against the level of fraud detected.

UKHE: QAA inquiry into London campuses

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education is conducting an independent inquiry into higher education delivered through London branch campuses, after an investigation by the Home Office found that some 45,000 immigrants may have fraudulently obtained English language test certificates.

UK: QAA warning for misleading IBCs

The UK's higher education watchdog, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, has found only two of 11 UK campuses in the UAE are "readily recognisable" branch campuses. It has warned providers not to mislead students about what is being offered offshore and advises that providers "do more to introduce a UK academic culture".