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Canada accepts incomplete PGWP applications

In light of the restrictions currently in place under Covid-19, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada has said it would accept applications for study permits and post-graduate work permits even if some documents are missing.

Canada recently announce more flexibility for international students by allowing them to study online while overseas and still be eligible to apply for the work permit after graduation. Photo: Pexels

Under normal circumstances, int'l students need to be studying full-time in order to apply for a PGWP

Canada recently announced a significant reform to provide more PGWP flexibility for international students by allowing them to study online while overseas and still be eligible to apply for the work permit after graduation.

Now, with many application centres closed due to the pandemic, prospective international students have been encouraged to continue working on their study permit and PGWP applications despite limitations around obtaining biometrics, medical examinations and travel documents.

In the past, incomplete applications would have been refused by the Canadian government, but under the latest update, the government will place the file on hold while waiting for the supporting documents, according to the Canada Immigration newsletter.

Under normal circumstances, graduates from a designated learning institution in Canada would be required to provide a final transcript from their school in order to apply for a PGWP.

However, IRCC is allowing international students who have applied for a PGWP before their study permit expires to begin working full-time while their application remains under consideration.

Graduates are expected to submit a letter explaining their inability to supply the necessary documents due to the closure of their school, and once their documents are available, they can submit them using the IRCC web form.

Students who have applied to renew their status but are missing documents will be allowed to maintain their status until a final decision is made, but they will not be allowed to work during this time.

Under normal circumstances, international students need to be studying full-time to apply for a PGWP. The government is currently making exceptions in this area as well, noted Canadian immigration law firm, Canadim.

If a student’s course load is reduced to part-time status due to school closures or cancellations of classes, this will not affect their eligibility for a Canadian post-graduate work permit.

Prior to the start of the pandemic, the over 640,000 international students in Canada were contributing CAD$22 billion annually to the economy.

To help students unable to qualify for government financial aid, such as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit, individual institutions have introduced millions of dollars in support funds to help students struggling financially as a response to Covid-19.

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43 Responses to Canada accepts incomplete PGWP applications

  1. Just want to ask if international students who needs to extend both study and coop permits need to pay the extension fee for the permit..given the circumstances that their placement has been put to hold and they just have 2 weeks left before they finished their program. Then after this extension they need to apply for PGWP and again they have to pay for this. Just saying.

  2. Currently i am applying for canadian PR from saudia, would it be there any flexibility while processing and ease of documentation requirement?

  3. No comments all the decision is fine according to the situation of the world are facing now for covid 19,
    The decision are good because is saving mankind.

  4. I must say I am impressed with the changes the Canadian government have come up with. I am from Kenya how do I get work permit if I am interested in working in Canada. Especially on taking care of old people

  5. Hope this new rule will favour adults who need to do their post graduate programs in Canada and age will not be a barrier. Especially those from Nigeria.

  6. I Hope Canada could help Work Permits More Accessible for Most of the Countries, Nigeria to be Precise

    • Hi

      Can i start my program online for fall2020.
      The vac office in Nigeria is temporarily closed, so the decision on my application for study permit and work can can not be decided.
      Thank you.

  7. well done Canada, I am a 20yr old I.T student in Uganda but struggling financially as a response to covid 19.Is there any chance I can get some help. i.e( Government from financial aid such as Canada emergency response Benefit)
    It has always been my dream to study, work and live in Canada. can you help please.

  8. Yes, Canadian govt is accepting international students without proper documentation because they need money to pay their Canadian citizens but what about those international students who already are in Canada and living in worse conditions because they don’t have money to pay their rent and to buy groceries. They are borrowing money from their friends and family so that they can survive. They chose Canada with wrong perception that this country is good but now they are regretting. In future they will never suggest anyone to go Canada. All benefits are given only to Canadian students though international students help your country and economy to flourish. This is totally a discrimination for all international students. Even after the announcement of 40 hours work permission to them they are not offered any job by employers. Your citizens are staying safely at home and getting all the benefits and poor children are suffering there.

  9. Hi
    Does that includes Universities from the United States? Would there be any Canadian university which can accept credit transfer?

  10. I have applied for a visa to go and study in Canada but have been denied TWO times and the reasons given for the denial does not make sense at all….. How sure am I that when I apply for the third time, I will get one??? It is so frustrating to go through that process and leaves one dissilutioned

  11. I want to know how I can get the genuine link and also how I can get a work permit visa??? thank you!

  12. I know more information about this matter, I would like to study in Canada but I have no idea what I suppose to do. I will appreciate if you can send me more info by email. Thank you.

  13. I would like to know more information about this matter, I would like to study in Canada but I have no idea what I suppose to do. I will appreciate if you can send me m mkore info by email. Thank you.

  14. Readying the comments makes us understand how every one feels .The pandemic has made it so difficult for both individuals and governments .It’s been a tough time for students all over the globe.
    I am in France and i know what it has been like for different students here…the truth is Canada like all gov’ts out here are concerned about every one with in the country ,because the government can only function with people…lets credit them atleast.Empathy for our fellow students both international and locals because they are all human and this is why they have allowed both to qualify with a creteria like other policies ….the diffrence is these are not ordinary emergency polices because numbers are over whelming ! ..and in the process of being perfected .We pray the comments here will throw more light about the gaps …like i said its an extra ordinary emergence response, its hard for even institutions to perfect the plans in the shortest time possible .we moved to the pandemic in weeks and now months from a small area and for sure its been tough …like my daughter told me mum..”it’s like we woke up in the dream but the dream didn’t stop and its a bad dream we are living”.who knew the Globe would ever be at a stand still ?!! This is the time for serious research …we empathise and help our students in the most peaceful way.we can’t use hate speech but stand with our governments as one people.Canada is trying their best all shall be well and governments will do some thing better with … that is more accomodative but we don’t have to forget that this global pandemic has gone beyond what we all never ever expected… in this generation!!..please appealing for more unity to fight the pandemic lets co-exsist peacefuly as an incoming student in fall.University of Manitoba

  15. my son who is a filipino got his student visa sept 2019 and was not able to proceed his schooling in Nbcc and finally decided to go to canada this coming july 2020 before school starts on sept 2020. Is the canadian
    immigration will still give him his work
    permit eventhough there is pandemic? Thank you for your usual
    prompt response on my inquiry

  16. Pls, I wish to know the genuine requirements, link and steps to Canada work permit. Also, the full requirement to go get a work permit from outside Canada.

  17. Regarding this I have applied for work permit end of 19 I just want to know when the hotels or process going to start Please guide me

  18. Hello,
    Please just to know the processes involved to get Canadian benefits especially a link to do so.
    Thank you

  19. We really hope the flexibility applies to applicants from Africa. Its frustrating to apply several times and your denied for reasons that are not logical . For instance I was denied visa on grounds of insufficient fund to pay tuition meanwhile I had paid full tuition already .
    I pray we should be granted equal chance like others.

  20. I have student visa till 30-06-2020. completed my MBA on 2nd june from Vancovour Island University and applied for post graduate work permit on 18th june. should I extend my student visa till I get work permit? or should I be able to work Canada with this existing procedure and student visa?Kindly post the reply to

  21. Hi

    Can i start my program online for fall2020.
    The vac office in Nigeria is temporarily closed, so the decision on my application for study permit and work can can not be decided.
    Thank you.

  22. Can i commence fall 2020 online.
    Due to the temporary closure of VAC, Nigeria, decision or status of my application on study permit and work permit can not be concluded.
    Thank you.

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