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Arturo Segura, Navitas, Latin America

Arturo is the Latin America regional director at Navitas. Based in Mexico, he tells us about his time studying abroad in Canada and shares tales from his travels around South America.


"Thanks to the dedicated efforts of my grandparents and parents, my brother and I had the opportunity to study in Canada"

Introduce yourself in three words or phrases.

Passionate educator, global connector and lifelong learner.

If you had a magic wand, what would you change?

I would enhance accessibility to quality education worldwide. By leveraging innovative technologies, fostering collaboration among educational institutions, and addressing systemic barriers, we at Navitas are aiming to create a more inclusive and equitable learning environment for people of all backgrounds and geographic locations.

Proudest career moment?

One of the highlights of my career is witnessing the successful graduation and completion of studies by the international students we assist. I am driven by a profound belief in the transformative impact that education can have on both individuals and communities, fostering a global society that thrives on inclusivity and shared knowledge. 

With my maternal grandfather working as a welder and my paternal grandfather in mining, my parents emphasised the importance of education to pave the way for a better life.

Consequently, my father excelled and became the leading cardiologist in our state, Hidalgo. Meanwhile, my mother took on the role of the nurse for the mother of Mexican President José López-Portillo y Pacheco.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of my grandparents and parents, my brother and I had the opportunity to study our undergraduate degrees in Canada. As an international graduate, I understand the support and programming needed to support international students. It is this firsthand experience that drives my passion to help other international students succeed. 

Best or worst work trip?

Instead of recounting my most memorable or challenging business trip, I’d like to recount a recent experience in Brazil. My visit to São Paulo was work-related, involving the introduction of a new Area Manager for Brazil at Navitas. Unfortunately, during the trip, I contracted a skin bacterium, leading to my hospitalisation. 

Despite the setback, my days spent at the hospital, specifically at Hospital Alemão Oswaldo Cruz, were marked by exceptional care. The medical staff exhibited unparalleled expertise, and the facilities were top-notch.

Every nurse and doctor I encountered was not only professional but also exceptionally welcoming, caring, and compassionate. My profound gratitude extends to Dr. Ivan França and his team, who played a pivotal role in my recovery.

Favourite international cuisine or dish that you’ve discovered through your work?

Causa is a traditional Peruvian dish that features layers of mashed potatoes seasoned with lime and aji (Peruvian yellow chili pepper), filled with various savoury ingredients.

It is both visually appealing and delicious, showcasing the vibrant colours and flavours of Peruvian cuisine. The dish has pre-Columbian origins and has evolved over time to become a staple in Peruvian gastronomy.

“Understanding Mandarin provides valuable insights into the vastness of Chinese culture”

If you could learn any language instantly, which one would it be and why?

I would choose Mandarin – learning Mandarin is crucial in today’s globalised world as it is the most spoken language on the planet, opening up vast opportunities for communication and collaboration with over a billion native speakers.

Proficiency in Mandarin enhances one’s competitive edge in the job market, especially in industries with strong ties to China, such as business, technology, international relations – and most importantly, the education sector.

Additionally, understanding Mandarin provides valuable insights into the vastness of Chinese culture, history, and traditions, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and nurturing stronger connections in an increasingly interconnected world.

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2 Responses to Arturo Segura, Navitas, Latin America

  1. I really enjoyed this interview with Arturo, and learned more about him. I had the pleasure to facilitate a program he delivered for international female academics at the University of Regina, and it was top rate!

    I continue to see him making positive impacts in his work, and his professionalism and dedication shines through.

  2. Great article, Arturo! I love the perspectives you shared on the importance of growing the international student base around the world. It’s the work you and your teams do to truly make this possible. So glad to hear you are home and doing much better. Looking forward to catching up soon!

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