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Australia invests AUS$16.5m in outbound study

The Australian government has allocated AUS$16.5m of funding available to over 5,000 Australian students to support their study abroad experiences, enhance their future job prospects and help Australia build ties with overseas institutions, following an announcement this week by Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne.

BROWNS invests in new AUS$1.5m business school

Leading Australia-based English language school BROWNS has announced the launch of a new AUS$1.5m professional business school aimed at international students intent on a pathway to further academic studies or jobs in Brisbane and further afield. The school will open next month and is aiming for 100 students in its first year.

India joins Australia’s New Colombo Plan

Australia’s Prime Minister is keen to see “hundreds and thousands” of its students studying at Indian universities, he said at the launch of Australia’s Indo-Pacific study abroad initiative, the New Colombo Plan, in India this week. India will be one of 35 countries to welcome Australian undergraduates from 2015 through the programme.

NZ: Strongest start of year enrolments ever

New Zealand has experienced its strongest ever start to the year with an 8% increase in international student enrolments resulting in an additional 5,100 students compared to the same January to April period last year. All sectors have experienced growth, but most notably Private Training Establishments have seen a 13% boost in enrolments.

ASEAN joins Australia’s New Colombo Plan

All 10 member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will join Australia’s New Colombo Plan, which funds undergraduates to study and do internships in the region, from 2015. The Australian government has committed AUS$100m to fund the project over the next five years, which Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says will build friendship and understanding "for generations to come".