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UK revokes licences at 16 private colleges

The UK government has revoked the licence of 16 private colleges in its investigation into immigration fraud launched in June saying "If a college addresses the serious concerns we have identified, they may get their licence back; if not, we reserve the right to revoke it permanently."

Canada courts foreign talent with pathways to residency

Canada’s Minister for Employment has laid clear that Canada is looking to profit from the US’s current immigration stalemate by making it easier for talented foreign graduates to find work and gain residency. “We’re seeking very deliberately to benefit from the dysfunctional American immigration system,” he said.

Venezuela: what are the roadblocks to outbound study?

A perfect storm of financial, logistical and access problems mean that many Venezuelans – potential international students – are finding their ambitions are currently being hampered. Education agents are counselling long lead times to plan trips overseas to enable students to overcome Cadivi (currency exchange) problems and to mitigate against limited flight availability. Sara Custer reports.

Sea change in Chinese education system to focus on VET

China has recently released a six-year Modern Vocational Education Development Strategy in a bid to raise the profile of vocational education and fill skills gaps in a job market. The shift in focus to vocational education translates into collaborative opportunities with international educators and industry.

Victoria opens Study Melbourne Student Centre

The government in Victoria, Australia’s second most popular state for international students, has launched a Study Melbourne Student Centre to be an “one-stop-shop” for information on government programmes as well as health, legal and financial services for international students.

Liberal arts group backs admission interviews

The rising demand for a liberal arts education among Chinese students has prompted ten of the US’s top liberal arts institutions to collaboratively encourage students to submit their applications with video interviews in order to exhibit their communication skills.

Dutch “house of internationalisation” forms

In The Netherlands, Nuffic, the organisation promoting internationalisation in higher education and the European Platform, which supports international efforts among teachers and schools in primary and secondary education, have combined as the Ministry of Education introduces a new unified approach to internationalising education.