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Randall Martin, BCCIE, Canada

We are the only province in Canada with any entity like BCCIE. So we’re more nimble to react quickly and able to do things that government may not be able to. Because of that I think we are seen as leaders in a number of fields.

How are educators and investors faring in rising Africa?

Africa has rising wealth, stabalising economies and youthful demographics that mean it will inevitably be looking outward to meet demands for education and skills training. Experts in the field explain that working in Africa offers opportunity, but it is unique in its infrastructure, needs and digital landscape. Sara Custer reports.

UK revokes licences at 16 private colleges

The UK government has revoked the licence of 16 private colleges in its investigation into immigration fraud launched in June saying "If a college addresses the serious concerns we have identified, they may get their licence back; if not, we reserve the right to revoke it permanently."

Canada courts foreign talent with pathways to residency

Canada’s Minister for Employment has laid clear that Canada is looking to profit from the US’s current immigration stalemate by making it easier for talented foreign graduates to find work and gain residency. “We’re seeking very deliberately to benefit from the dysfunctional American immigration system,” he said.