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France and South Africa top African mobility

Demand for quality education continues to grow across Africa as lack of funding, inadequate infrastructure and demotivated faculty drive Africans to study abroad, according to a study by Campus France, the French government's higher education promotion arm. However France, the top destination, has seen its dominance slip as students increasingly choose to study within their region.

Scotland: Double Mandarin qualifications by 2017

A group of Scottish MSPs have called for an increase in Mandarin language teaching across all school levels as part of a larger plan to increase trade opportunities for Scottish business in China and encourage more Chinese investment in Scottish industry and infrastructure. As of now, there are just six public high schools that offer Chinese language courses.

China pushing Mandarin study in India

In a first-of-its-kind deal, the Chinese government has agreed to train 300 Indian teachers at top Chinese universities in a bid to boost Mandarin learning across India. The teachers will then return to India to help promote the uptake of Mandarin language study. The agreement is between the Confucius Institute and India's Central Board of Secondary Education.


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