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ELT accreditors make strides in global alliance

The Quality Assurance in Language Education Network, a worldwide network of English language accreditation bodies, has officially launched its website and branding this month, following a symposium in Malta. The developments put the organisation on track to create a forum for sharing best practice and comparing accreditation systems used in different countries.

USA: Catch-22 for new IEP operators

New players to the USA’s English language sector will find themselves in a catch-22 under new accreditation regulations, finding it hard to get accredited without exhibiting prior teaching history, but unable to issue I-20 visas for international students without being accredited. Meanwhile, regulation bodies have revealed just how large the accredited IEP community now is.

What is the impact of the accreditation bill in the USA?

Until December 2010, it was not a legal requirement for English language schools in the USA to be accredited. Since then, IEPs have had to at least begin the process, leading to a surge in demand with hundreds of new applicants. Sara Custer finds out the impact and implications of the new legally-enshrined quality landscape in the US.


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