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Languages Canada shows its teeth as ISP rules bite

CEO of Languages Canada, Gonzalo Peralta, is positioning the organisation to confront the Canadian government and amend clauses in the new ISP that harms members' business. Peralta predicts up to 15,000 students will be lost because Co-op programmes can not be offered by language schools from June.

Canada strikes deal with foreign service workers

Canada’s longest public service workers’ strike, which affected some 100,000 inbound international students, has come to an end after the PAFSO reached a tentative agreement with the Canadian government, late last week. The strike, which began on 2 April, has cost the Canadian economy CAN$1 billion so far while creating a backlog of visa applications for international students.

Languages Canada targeting Turkey/Kazakhstan

Canadian language teaching association, Languages Canada, is planning a roadshow to Turkey and Kazakhstan as the organisation believes both countries offer strong potential as a source market for English and French language schools in Canada. The Kazakhstan leg of the forthcoming trade mission will benefit from government support.

Canada visa strike closer to resolution

A strike by Canada’s foreign services workers that has caused lengthy visa processing delays may be nearing an end, after the government accepted an arbitration offer from the union involved in the crisis. While PAFSO is still considering the governments terms, Gonzalo Peralta, the head of Languages Canada, said that the international education sector could expect to see improvements in the next few months.

Canada: strike causes severe visa processing lags

A strike by Canadian foreign service officers threatens to affect student mobility into Canada as visa processing times around the world have become severely delayed. Languages Canada has confirmed that its members have felt a "definite impact" on registration numbers. Waits of up to 6 weeks are being reported.

Nova Scotia first in Canada to regulate language schools

Nova Scotia has become the first Canadian province to regulate language schools under law. This aligns with the federal government’s requirement that all schools be "designated" by their province to recruit overseas from Jan 2014, but goes a step further, applying not just to long-term study permit visas, but also short-term visas.

Canada: $23m for international education strategy

The Canadian government has unveiled "key elements" of its long awaited international education strategy, allocating CAN$23 million to supporting the plan in the latest federal budget, despite the country’s fiscal struggles. It has also promised $42 million to speed up visa processing.