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Languages Canada shows its teeth as ISP rules bite

CEO of Languages Canada, Gonzalo Peralta, is positioning the organisation to confront the Canadian government and amend clauses in the new ISP that harms members' business. Peralta predicts up to 15,000 students will be lost because Co-op programmes can not be offered by language schools from June.

BC rolls out compulsory quality assurance

British Columbia in Canada is to tighten its quality requirements for post-secondary institutions and language schools. As of June 2014, all eligible institutions will be required to sign up to its Education Quality Assurance scheme (EQA), in light of upcoming changes to the International Student Programme.

Qatar: mobile learning app to improve training

Academics at Athabasca University, Canada and Qatar University are developing a mobile learning application to help employees in Qatar's oil and gas industry to learn technical English language terms used in the sector. The m-learning project has been awarded a three-year grant by the Qatar National Research Fund.