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World Student Day celebrated across Canada

Talent shows, sports activities and home-cooked meals were among the events taking place across Canada last week as part of Languages Canada's first annual World Student Day organised to raise awareness of the cultural and economic benefits international students bring to the country.

Canada courts foreign talent with pathways to residency

Canada’s Minister for Employment has laid clear that Canada is looking to profit from the US’s current immigration stalemate by making it easier for talented foreign graduates to find work and gain residency. “We’re seeking very deliberately to benefit from the dysfunctional American immigration system,” he said.

US State Dept backs virtual college fairs

The US Department of State is partnering with CollegeWeekLive, an online platform which provides video conferencing facilities and resources for students, to deliver a series of virtual college fairs to entice more international students to study in the US. Virtual event success means they are now considered "equally important" to traditional events.