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Dutch Minister of Ed plots “new phase” of internationalisation

A “new phase” of education policy in the Netherlands calling for the “mainstreaming of internationalisation” has been introduced by minister of education, culture and science Jet Bussemaker. In a letter to parliament Bussmaker outlined plans to establish a €5 million a year scholarship scheme, improve talent retention and facilitate transnational education.

USA: Huron Group invests in Shorelight

Huron Consulting Group, a Chicago-based management consulting company, has made a strategic investment in Shorelight Holdings LLC, a parent company of Shorelight Education. Huron, which offers services in life sciences, law, finance and healthcare as well as education, will participate on the board of directors at Shorelight Holdings.

Germany: around 50% of foreign students stay on

The government-funded German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) published new statistics earlier this week revealing the number of international students in German universities is higher than ever, with one in ten students hailing from overseas (11.3%). For the first time DAAD has also disclosed that around 50% of foreign students remain in the country after graduating.

UK: Willetts resigns as Minister for Universities

After four years serving as minister for universities and science, David Willetts has resigned as part of a major government reshuffle. He is being replaced by Greg Clark, who takes on the Science and Universities brief in addition to his role as Minister in charge of cities and constitution at the Cabinet Office.

Study Group opens new school in central London

Embassy English – Study Group's English language teaching arm – will open its newest study centre close to Soho in central London, sharing space with new private HE player University of Law. "For years our agents and students having been asking about central London" said the company's President.

UK: student mobility data now visual, interactive

The British Council has launched an interactive data visualisation tool to illustrate trends in international student mobility and the UK's changing role as both a study destination and source of international students between 1996 and 2012. The tool also reveals the impact of UK policy decisions and global socio-economic events on inbound study.