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World-class pathways to world-class universities: the proven formula for success

Typical offshore university partnerships between institutions and universities provide students with a route to one university
June 22 2021
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With more and more international students striving to enter overseas universities each year, their decision to choose the right pathway program plays a pivotal role in helping them get into their first-choice university.

High quality preparation

The NCUK International Foundation Year is an undergraduate entry-level qualification designed to bridge the gap between a students’ local qualification and university entry, enabling them to progress directly into universities worldwide.

Formally recognised by UK ENIC as being comparable to GCE A-Level, Advanced Placement, Senior Secondary School Certificate of Education, and Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, the NCUK International Foundation Year not only enables students to progress into top-ranked universities worldwide, but it also helps them to succeed when they get there.

Some 90% of NCUK students get into their first-choice university and 80% go on to achieve a first- or second-class degree at university. Since 1987, NCUK has placed more than 35,000 students into universities globally.

Multi-exit pathway qualifications

Typical offshore university partnerships between institutions and universities provide students with a route to one university, a one-to-one model.

NCUK’s unique collaborative partnerships provide routes to 50+ universities worldwide through our Global Network of 90+ Delivery Partners across 30+ countries, a one-to-many model.

This provides students with the flexibility to start their journey to university in their home country (or nearby), online, or in the UK and Ireland and progress to a wide range of leading universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Academic quality management and support

To ensure the quality of teaching and learning is standardised and of the highest quality across the network, all Delivery Partners benefit from extensive academic support from NCUK. This includes having a dedicated Academic Development Manager who liaises directly with teaching staff to provide one-to-one training.

Throughout the year, teachers are also invited to comprehensive training programs to engage, collaborate, and improve their teaching and learning as well as share best practice with teachers from across the Global Network.

Because of our vast experience of delivering qualifications across multiple markets worldwide, we have recently developed new materials and streamlined assessments to make it even easier for new Delivery Partners to get started with teaching our qualifications.

Our flexible delivery models allow for teaching in-person, online or blended and can also be tailored to meet the needs of local markets.

“The International Foundation Year is an academically rigorous qualification, which equips students with the language, study and cultural skills necessary to thrive in an overseas environment,” Adam McRoy, Academic Manager at NCUK Delivery Partner Chengdu No.7 High School International Department in China says.

“As an Academic Manager with 15 years of experience working with NCUK, I have witnessed numerous students realise their dreams and ambitions both at university and in their subsequent life and career.

“There are progression opportunities for all types of students”

“In my opinion, the International Foundation Year qualification is the best possible preparation for any student looking to study abroad for their undergraduate studies.”

9,000+ degree courses

With a wide range of module combinations to choose from on the International Foundation Year, NCUK students have access to thousands of different degree courses at universities worldwide from business to law, engineering to medicine, architecture to cybersecurity. There are progression opportunities for all types of students.

Our dedicated student support teams also provide students with expert advice on their university options and direct them through the entire university application process.

It is this type of support, coupled with the quality and integrity of our qualifications which ensures that students receive the highest standards of teaching and learning, no matter where in the world they take an NCUK qualification, giving them the best pathway to world-class universities.

About the author:

NCUK is a leading international higher education qualification and service provider with over 30 years’ experience.

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