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The PIEoneer Awards 2024

13 September 2024

Holding Champagne at the PIEoneer Awards

The PIE Live Asia Pacific 2024

29-30 July 2024

The PIE Live North America 2024

19-20 November 2024

The PIE Live Europe 2025

11-12 March 2025

The PIE Live was an extraordinary gathering of leaders from academia, government, and industry. The atmosphere was electric, buzzing with discussions about the ever-changing landscape of policies and their profound impact on international students.

Jaspreet S.


Gresham Global
  • India

About The PIE Events

With over a decade of experience supporting and shaping the industry, we have a unique insight into the challenges facing the professionals working in the education sector globally and the needs of the students at the centre.  

Through our news, analysis and intelligence, we offer a global lens into the inner workings of the sector and share the information and insights you need to stay informed and succeed in your career.  

We leverage this expertise to curate extraordinary events worldwide that connect you with professionals around the world.  

Our events give you one-of-a-kind access to thought leaders and disruptors working globally on the same challenges and with shared aims of enabling exceptional international student experience – from enquiry through to enrolment and education and onwards to graduation and a meaningful career.

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Our in-person conferences bring together everyone who has a stake in the industry, including educators, agents, students and service providers for networking and knowledge sharing.  

From policy talks to student roundtables to relaxed format sessions to enable networking, our events are informative, interactive and fun. Immerse yourself in engaging panels, workshops, and group discussions all carefully curated in an inspiring environment. 

Tales from the Departure Lounge podcast recorded at The PIE Live Australia 2023

One of the nice things about conferences like this is that when you work, you tend to be quite focused on what you’re doing. Then you come to somewhere like The PIE Live and you realise that there are so many other possibilities as well, and it broadens out what you’re thinking about and what you’re tackling.

Wendy Palmer

Director, Global Studio

Deakin University
  • Australia

Thank you to The PIE for hosting another fantastic celebration for the #PIEoneer23 Awards in London! Your commitment to celebrating innovation and achievements in global education and the team’s effort to putting in this event in person and virtually is much appreciated and also to be lauded.

Lindsey Calvert

Director, IIE Center for Access and Equity

Institute of International Education
  • USA
North America Pie logo brand

It has been terrific to come together with colleagues from across North America to learn about insights, challenges and opportunities in North American higher education. Understanding the similarities we face in terms of growth and collaboration, and learning from each other to get over some of the challenges we face in both of our education systems. Well done to The PIE!

Andrea Edwards

Director of Global Relations and Research

University of Birmingham
  • UK
Over 100 UK institutions were present at the BUILA town hall session at The PIE Live
Tales from the Departure Lounge podcast recorded at The PIE Live Europe

If there is anyone who knows how to throw an event it is The PIE. It was wonderful to join the Canadian Village and speak with our international colleagues about common challenges and collaborative solutions. In my experience, PIE Live events have some of the most motivational and exciting speakers.

Mariam Reza

Manager, Global Initiatives and Partnership Development

Conestoga College
  • Canada

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Personal development and networking event of the year, full of insights, market intelligence and warm colleagues happy to offer-up their experiences and knowledge to one another. You don’t want to miss this this!

Mutty Dad

Head of International Student Recruitment

Lancaster University
  • UK