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VinUniversity opens ‘Special Admission Round’

VinUniversity in Vietnam is ramping up efforts to attract elite international students as part of its quest to create a world-class university.
March 17 2021
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VinUniversity in Vietnam is ramping up efforts to attract elite students as part of its quest to create a world-class university and claim a place in the top 50 young universities.

The university has announced the opening of a ‘Special Admission Round’ for outstanding international students and domestic students who have achieved international recognition.

“The special admissions process will be completed in just 15 days”

The initiative provides exemption from the initial application process for excellent students from all countries in the world, Vietnamese or international students who have won medals at national or international science Olympiads, or have been recognised and admitted by prestigious universities.

These candidates will move directly on to the interview round with the Admissions Council of VinUniversity.

The university is also providing a commitment to an expedited special admissions process which will be completed in just 15 days.

According to the university under the “5-5-5” process, appropriate candidates will receive an invitation to interview, then within five working days they will receive application result letters and admission offer letters with scholarship conditions (if any). Following the offer the candidate has five working days to make an enrolment decision.

VinUniversity has also implemented an International Fellowship program exclusively for international candidates, with financial aid from 50-80% of tuition costs, in further efforts to attract excellent international students to Vietnam in the 2021-2022 academic year.

The university will enrol students for three disciplines in this period: Business and Management, Health Sciences, Engineering and Computer Science; and continue to recruit graduate medical residents in Internal medicine, Pediatrics and General surgery.

This most recent initiative builds on the university’s strategic moves towards the goal of becoming a world-class institution and reaching the top 50 young universities within 30 years. These include the strategic partnerships with Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania.

VinUniversity has also reached bilateral co-operation agreements on academic, faculty and student exchange with the University of Technology Sydney (Australia), Yonsei University (South Korea) and The University of Western Ontario (Canada).

The first private, not-for-profit Vietnamese university, VinUinversity was established based on the international standards, and aims to integrate the models of elite international universities with the unique cultural and economic characteristics of Vietnam.

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