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Uni of Nottingham programs PGCE in East Africa

The University of Nottingham is partnering with Braeburn international schools to offer postgraduate training for teachers in East Africa.
May 17 2021
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As demand for quality international education grows across Africa, the UK’s University of Nottingham is partnering with one of East Africa’s international institution’s, Braeburn international schools, to offer postgraduate training in international education for teachers.

The course, Postgraduate Certificate in Education International –East Africa, is targeted at in-service teachers, as well as potential teachers throughout East African region, who possess first or second class honours degrees.

The course will be delivered online for a one year-long study period beginning July 1, with two days induction on July 30 and 31, in what the university says will be a blended distance course. Induction sessions will be taught by University of Nottingham tutors, supporting students through the duration of the program.

“The PGCE(i) has always been a blended course with elements of face-to-face teaching combined with asynchronous distance learning,” a notice by the university stated.

“We have responded to Covid-19 pandemic and the continuing high demand for this course by enhancing the blended nature of the program”

“We have responded to Covid-19 pandemic and the continuing high demand for this course by enhancing the blended nature of the program to remodel the elements taught in-person prior to the pandemic.

“Applicants are provided with experienced consultation for their professional development, supported throughout the application process and once the course has begun, through regular contact,” it added.

Students, the university explained, will interact with tutors and other students in an “immersive digital environment” over the course period both in groups and on a one-to-one basis.

It however cautioned that the course does not give Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

“QTS is conferred by the Teaching Regulation on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education (England) or by the Education Workforce Council on behalf of the Minister for Education and Skills (Wales),” the notice expounded.

International teaching qualifications were a focus of the UK international education strategy, updated in February.

It further cautioned that a learning venue requires a minimum number of students to be operational, and the university would consider cancelling a cohort if the required number is not met.

Braeburn schools are some of the oldest international learning institutions in East Africa, and were founded by Kenyan nationals of UK origin, and local entrepreneurs 42 years ago. The institutions have grown over the period to comprise of nine campuses and 3,600 pupils of diverse nationalities in Kenya and Tanzania.

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