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UK uni to offer free masters degrees

Undergraduate students at the University of Law Business School will have the tuition fees waived for their master's if they continue to study there.
August 21 2019
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Undergraduate students studying at the University of Law Business School in the UK who complete a degree with the university will have their tuition fees waived for their master’s if they continue to study at the institution.

Students will have to meet the course requirements and immediately go on to the master’s course after graduating from their bachelors.

“We are pioneering a new model of business education”

The offer is open to both domestic and international students who enrol from this year onwards and has the potential to help students save up to £17,000.

With campuses in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Nottingham, students will be able to take courses in different locations across the UK.

“Career planning has become increasingly important. A master’s course allows students to approach their careers with real certainty and address some of the complexities,” explained John Watkins, the director of employability at ULaw.

“Employers value the academic rigour obtained from a master’s course as well as the other disciplines and professional skills.”

Recent research showed postgraduate earn around £9,000 more than those without the same level of education.

“We’re thrilled to be able to call ourselves the first and only university in the UK to offer a free master’s course to our current and future undergraduate students” Andres Perez, the national director of business programmes at ULaw Business School, said.

“We are pioneering a new model of business education to help our students develop their knowledge of business specialisms and go further in their careers, including starting their own businesses and becoming the entrepreneurs of the future”

“At ULaw Business School we’re passionate about helping our students reach their full career potential and… we’re excited to see where our students go next after taking advantage of this opportunity to widen their prospects,” Andrea Nollent, vice-chancellor and CEO at ULaw, added.

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