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Three schools launch Keep Learning French

Three partner schools have launched a Keep Learning French program aimed at French language students who want to continue studies during the COVID-19 crisis.
April 15 2020
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Three partner schools have launched an online Keep Learning French program aimed at French language learners who want to continue their studies during the coronavirus outbreak.

LSF Montpellier, IFALPES Annecy and Institut Européen de Français Montpellier have created the Keep Learning French program, featuring distance learning and e-Learning opportunities.

“We can no longer be satisfied with selling only face-to-face”

“It is time to integrate distance learning courses into our pedagogical logic and our sales processes,” the schools said. “We can no longer be satisfied with selling only face-to-face.”

Together, the schools have pooled resources and skills they have been developing over the past four years.

“Keep Learning French is the union of the business continuity plan of our schools and the will to launch a new economic model more focused on digital so that together, schools and agencies, we can face the crises,” they noted.

“We believe that unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis will impact us for quite a long time,” the schools said.

“Learners won’t return in a heartbeat when the virus has been eradicated. Inertia will have a medium-term impact on the economy of language study trips.”

Schools and agents will lose a lot of turnover, and the health crisis will lead to an economic one, they added.

“It is fundamental to anticipate a difficult and long period… [and] to fill the gap that will be created,” they said.

The course is available for one-to-one learners and groups, and is coupled with an e-Learning platform.

Virtual classes and social activities offer students the opportunity to “get out of isolation”, as well as preparing students wanting to come to France for face-to-face lessons in the future.

“While there are no longer students in the classroom, there are students in the virtual classroom. Even at a distance, students benefit from the same pedagogical power that we have put in place in our schools, and which gives such good results,” the schools added.

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