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TFTDL podcast – James Rice: Put The Cookie Down

In this episode, James Rice from IBT College in Canada explains his incredible body transformation journey along with his adventures in education.
June 10 2024
1 Min Read

At the age of 48, James Rice (IBT College Canada) weighed 300 pounds (135kg/21.5 stone) was pre-diabetic, with high blood pressure and arthritis and could barely fit into XXXL shirts. Then one day a former international student who he had supported to study English in Canada, opened a gym, and James began a total life transformation.

Here James shares his incredible story with the Tales from the Departure Lounge podcast. Listen below.

‘Put the cookie down’ is a reference to the line in Arnold Schwarzenegger film Jingle All The Way – someone who James now considers a friend.

James himself, is the best-selling author of the body transformation bookThe 100 Pound

Final boarding call: Tigray, Ethiopia. 

James Rice became a national body transformation champion in Canada. Image: James Rice
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