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Tales from the Departure Lounge – 10 of the best

Here we recap some of the best episodes of the year from hit international education travel podcast Tales from the Departure Lounge.
December 28 2023
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Hit international education travel podcast Tales from the Departure Lounge has achieved more than 10,000 downloads since taking flight last February.

Here we recap some of the best episodes from 2023.

1. Rachel MacSween (IDP) – Grab Bag And Go

Lots of laughs and relatable insights, this episode raised the important issue of safety for female travellers. Rachel introduced the idea of a grab-bag, a small bag of essential items you can quickly take with you if you need to flee danger. She also talked about packing a door wedge after a naked man tried to beat down her hotel door in the middle of the night.

Final boarding call: Lagos, Nigeria (via the remote Scottish Isles)

2. Jogvan Klein (University of Queensland) – Forever Young and Faroese 

Deep, brooding, Nordic noir – Jogvan took pleasure in making our listeners cry with his bone-dry sense of humour and tales from his native Faroe Islands. From exploring the relationship with his own father to the premature birth of his daughter in Vietnam this is an emotional rollercoaster. Just make sure you listen to the end.

Final boarding call: The Faroe Islands (via Vietnam)

3. Marko Remes (Edith Cowan University) – The Runaway Bride

Possibly the craziest story we’ve heard on the podcast, Marko recalls an adventure with his friend Tina in Tunisia that will get your adrenaline pumping (the clue is in the title). A natural storyteller, we also discuss sauna culture, the Eurovision song contest and what it feels like to be a nobody in a new country.

Final boarding: Finland (via Estonia, Tunisia and Western Australia)

4. Tony Eyles (British Airways) – This Is Your Captain Speaking

We convinced a British Airways first officer to come on the show and bust all the myths about flying. For frequent flyers this is an essential chat about aviation including turbulence, layovers, the bunk, terrorism, climate change and physics. Oh, and why you should never critique a pilot’s landing!

Final boarding call: India (via the Bermuda Triangle)

5. TFTDL LIVE in Australia – with Louis Clay (Trinity College, University of Melbourne)

We took to the stage at The PIE Live Australia to record a special live episode with Louis Clay. He had the audience in stitches, talking about traveling with academics, dressing to impress and the difference between New Zealanders and Australians. Includes a guest host appearance from The PIE‘s CEO Amy Baker and our wonderful audience down under.

Final boarding call: India (via China)

6. Justin Wood (ApplyBoard) – Cuban Midlife Crisis

Justin Wood is director of partner relations for ApplyBoard, the USD$1.4B valued edtech recruitment platform from Canada. During his career he has travelled to over 70 different countries and collected a few stories along the way! Hosts, Andy and Nick, guide him through his chain smoking, motorcycle riding mid-life crisis to find true enlightenment.

Final boarding call: Cuba (via Pakistan)

7. Karin Fischer (The Chronicle of Higher Education) – The American Dream 

We spoke to award-winning journalist Karin Fischer from The Chronicle of Higher Education about current geo-political turmoil and how that is impacting brand America. We discussed the great privilege of telling student stories and gaining trust as a reporter in a world of fake news. We also discussed parasites and why you should never eat the purple cheesecake!

Final boarding call: Hong Kong (via New Brunswick)

8. Shivani Bhalla (Brunel University London) – Kitne Aadmi The?

The famous Bollywood line translates to ‘how many men are there?’ Shivani Bhalla is a self-proclaimed Delhi brat and she joined the show to discuss speculation about her love life and what it’s like to be a female, Indian international student and now leader, forging a career on the other side of the world – including carrying a pepper spray.

Final boarding call: Switzerland (via South Delhi)

9. Leanne Linacre (Lead 5050 / LILA* Liverpool) – A Brave New World

Leanne Linacre shares her epic personal journey, from a transformational experience as a backpacker to being CEO of a company with a mission to create a fairer world for everyone. We discuss levelling up gender-equality in society including how appropriate it is to have two middle-aged men having a chat on a podcast.

Final boarding call: Thailand (via Greece)

Anecdotal reports from listeners of tears of laughter and near-car crashes are proof that this episode is unmissable

10. Martyn Edwards (Loughborough University) – Hiraeth, The Longing To Return

This original pilot episode that tested the concept has become legendary. Nearly 1,000 people have listened to this episode alone and Martyn’s words “it went up his back and out of his collar” are quickly becoming his legacy in international education. Anecdotal reports from listeners of tears of laughter and near-car crashes are proof that this episode is unmissable.

Final boarding call: USA (Patagonia, Argentina)

The series is available to listen to on all major streaming services including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music.

You can also listen for free online including full text transcription for accessibility.



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