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BC & FutureLearn launch new campaign

The British Council's ‘Study UK: Learn online with a UK university’ campaign has teamed up with FutureLearn to launch 325 massive open online courses.
October 3 2019
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The British Council’s ‘Study UK: Learn online with a UK university’ campaign has launched another this year with 325 massive open online courses from 35 UK universities via the FutureLearn platform, demonstrating “what the UK has to offer” to learners across the globe.

“The quality of education in the UK is renowned worldwide”

Courses ranging from robotics, science, sustainability, human anatomy, public money, and video game design are available – since launching in 2017, the campaign has enabled more than 300,000 learners from 130 countries to gain free certificates from UK universities.

“We’re delighted to be running this campaign once again and to provide global learners with the opportunity to experience the diversity of higher education courses in the UK,” director of the Study UK campaign Fiona Samson said.

“Gathering such a multitude of courses on FutureLearn’s platform and placing them at the fingertips of learners in all parts of the world demonstrates the breadth and openness of the UK higher education system,” she added.

Eligible learners from 143 non-OECD countries can benefit from free upgrades until January 31, 2020, where they will be able to access the course for an extended period, take tests and assessments (if applicable) at no additional charge, and earn a digital certificate subject to completing at least five steps on the course.

FutureLearn’s chief executive Simon Nelson noted that “Study UK highlights exactly what FutureLearn is about: helping everyone fulfil their potential in a changing world by transforming access to education”.

“The quality of education in the UK is renowned worldwide, so to be able to support the British Council in offering free digital certificates to learners overseas is something we’re very proud to be a part of,” he added.

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