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Lifting the face of small & medium businesses through digital transformation

Information and data have become the new currency in our digital age. This phase includes thriving competition, and to accelerate one's pace, one must acquire internet-based content
June 3 2022
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Information and data have become the new currency in our digital age. This phase includes thriving competition, and to accelerate one’s pace, one must acquire internet-based content.

In the current situation, stocks appear to have had a roller-coaster ride amidst a world-wide pandemic. Cryptocurrency is on the rise, and Russia vs Ukraine has added to the chaos. Small and medium enterprises have suffered as a result of these uncertainties.

To help entrepreneurs face this fluctuating market, we develop robust IT solutions. Konze Enterprise Pty Ltd was established with the objective of providing simple yet effective technology solutions to businesses.

As frequently quoted by Dharmendra Patel, founder of KONZE, “being an entrepreneur at heart, it is my job to come up with radical ideas and yours to execute them and deliver the best workflow automation software”.

“To uplift the face of small & medium businesses with innovative tech solutions” – became our primary objective.

We started identifying the gaps in the market and worked on developing efficient solutions.

Our motto was to build sustainable modules that streamline consultants’ business operations.

We deep-dived into building SaaS platforms that would save a substantial amount on the required infrastructure. Diverting all our energy & efforts in including automation, AI, and Machine Learning, we ultimately help businesses to make data-driven decisions.

We are focused on not only enhancing our current solutions (KONDESK, KONPARE, SearchMyANZSCO, and KONSIGN) but also to develop new revenue-generating channels.

“Uplifting the face of small & medium businesses with innovative tech solutions is our primary objective”

KONDESK is a one-stop CRM solution which will seamlessly integrate with our other products, making it easier to handle leads, manage branches, invoicing & accounts, sales reports, and much more.

Through KONPARE, we allow advisors to select the best insurance policies for students & visitors by comparing them in just one click. It also helps project the best commission structure to build a parallel revenue stream.

With SearchMyANZSO, we have created a tool to check occupational eligibility for Australian Immigration, with ongoing enhancements to the “search by course” feature.

Currently we are looking forward to exploring more vertical products, and remain not only product-oriented, but also leaning towards a process-centric approach.

But we are not stopping here. Being one of the thought leaders in the industry, we try to keep a holistic approach.

We are working towards a sustainable future by reducing our carbon footprint. That’s where KONSIGN (launching soon) comes in. We aim to make your organization paperless with the e-signing concept.

In the journey on which we have embarked – we wish to empower businesses, gain trust and stay committed to growth by connecting all the dots.

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Author: This is a sponsored post from Palak Shah, CEO of KONZE Pty Ltd. In his journey with KONZE, Palak has stood by the organisation through thick and thin. His role has been pivotal not only in building the initial framework of solutions but also now, leading KONZE to build up its community & empower it with innovative, simple, and efficient tech solutions.

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