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MSM assists Eton Canada’s program expansion

Eton College Canada and Sri Lanka's Horizon University have entered a partnership brokered by MSM Higher Ed as it strives to boost student pathway options.
June 24 2020
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Eton College Canada and Horizon University in Sri Lanka have entered into a partnership brokered by MSM Higher Ed as it strives to boost students’ study and career pathway options.

The agreement will mean the Canadian institution’s curriculum will be delivered in Sri Lanka, while students will also have the option to enrol with the college in Canada at a later stage.

“MSM Higher Ed Foundation programs are launching quickly to address Covid-related travel restrictions”

“Expanding the delivery of Eton College Canada’s hospitality, tourism, and business programs to Sri Lanka, India and other countries creates affordable study using North American curriculum, said Kalai Ponniah, campus director of Eton College Canada and VP for Academic Services at MSM Higher Ed.

“[There is also] potential for advanced study based on articulated pathways to college and universities that will also benefit from a diverse stream of well-prepared and qualified international students.”

“Eton curriculum will be delivered at our campus, offering local students a cost-effective Canadian education with options to advance their studies based at universities abroad based on articulation agreements with Eton,” Upul Daranagama, chairman & president at Horizon Campus added.

MSM is also finalising agreements with two further institutions as it plans to expand the countries where Eton College Canada curriculum is delivered.

MSM Higher Ed has also launched its foundation programs, which it hopes will become a worldwide network of programs designed to prepare students in key regions including Canada, the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Some of the foundation programs – including high school completion, business and science foundation – will begin in September 2020, as MSM Higher Ed grows its worldwide network of campus locations in China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

“MSM Higher Ed Foundation programs are launching quickly to address Covid-related travel restrictions,” Donna Hooker, MSM Higher Ed president said.

“However, the vision is long-term and aims to provide international students with an opportunity to remain in their region while preparing for entry or advanced study at our partner institutions.”

Eton College Canada in Vancouver is one of MSM Higher Ed’s six education management contracts. Also in British Columbia in Canada, MSM works with Q College and Q Academy and Taylor Pro Training and Extreme Training in Kelowna.

In Quebec, it works with Multihexa College.

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