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London’s Leicester Square School of English closes

English UK has deployed its Emergency Student Support Fund and is working to find alternative providers and accommodation for students enrolled at the LSSE, which closed its doors on 5 January.
January 7 2015
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English UK has deployed its Emergency Student Support Fund and is working to find alternative providers and accommodation for students enrolled at the Leicester Square School of English in London, one of its member schools, which closed its doors on 5 January.

The school is understood to have appointed a loss adjuster, indicating that the closure was due to debt.

The school has appointed a loss adjuster, indicating that the closure was due to debt

Huan Japes, Deputy Chief Executive of Professional Services at English UK, said that the association was made aware of the potential closure on 17 December.

He told The PIE News that English UK has successfully contacted “the vast majority” of students who are enrolled at LSSE and already in the UK, numbering 15-20, and has plans to contact around 15 more who are due to arrive during January.

EUK has reached out to other member schools who will provide each student with the number of teaching weeks for which they have already paid, enabling them to finish their courses at no additional cost.

Where students’ accommodation arrangements have been affected, students will be given support to find new accommodation, including financial support provided through the Emergency Student Support Fund.

He said that students who are either already in the country or due to arrive imminently to begin their course will take precedence, but the association will support those due to begin courses starting later in 2015 at its discretion.

LSSE is a British Council-accredited English language teaching institution in London’s West End and has taught more than 25,000 students since being founded in 1992.

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