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Ireland appoints US student ‘ambassadors’

The Irish government has announced the launch of a Student Ambassador programme to increase recruitment from the US, its biggest market, to mark International Education Week.
November 17 2011
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The Irish government has announced the launch of a Student Ambassador programme to increase recruitment from the USA, its biggest market. The programme, which involves US students studying at each of the seven Irish universities, will connect prospective American students with those already studying in Ireland via social media.

Michael Collins, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States, announced the programme on Monday at the Irish consulate in New York, to mark the start of International Education Week; a US Department of State initiative. “This year, we have 7,000 students from the United States, joining Irish and other international students in Irish universities, and we would love to see more,” said Collins. “The extraordinary connection between the United States and Ireland, which has at its heart all those millions of Americans of Irish descent, is a relationship we cherish.”

The Ambassador Programme is one of a number of marketing initiatives designed to boost Ireland’s standing as an international study destination. It was launched on the first day of a week long-tour of the US to promote Ireland as a study destination. Representatives from Irish government and HE are holding events in cities such as New York, San Francisco and Boston.

Student ambassadors will share their observations on life as a student in Ireland through regular Facebook blogs, articles and video posts. Prospective students will have the opportunity to email them with questions.

One of the student ambassadors, Ameer Gazdar, who is studying at National University Ireland Galway, said: “Studying in Ireland has provided me with valuable insight into the educational, professional and cultural life of the country, which I now wish to share with other American students who are looking into studying abroad in Ireland.”

The USA is already the greatest source country for international students going to Ireland. However the majority of these are semester and junior year abroad students and the government has promised to double the number of full-time degree students within three years.





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