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IDP launches scholarship search feature

IDP has launched a new search feature to easily connect international students with over 5,200 scholarship opportunities.
November 25 2022
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IDP has launched a new search feature to easily connect international students with over 5,200 opportunities for scholarships.

Available on the IDP website and the IDP Live app, the function gives prospective students the ability to view the criteria and value of scholarships from institutions throughout Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

“The world needs big thinkers. We need people with goals to make the world a better, smarter and more connected space. This search feature allows prospective students to easily search for scholarships and realise their full potential,” said Neil Pearson, chief digital officer, IDP.

“The world needs big thinkers”

IDP’S Emerging Futures research showed that almost half of IDP’s prospective international students said scholarships would assist their study abroad journey.

In a statement, IDP said this feature will allow students to “chart their international journey and achieve their global ambitions”.

According to Pearson, prior this launch, it was difficult to understand the full range of scholarships on offer. He added that this means “brilliant people” may have missed out on an opportunity to study abroad.

Pearson said the new function demonstrates IDP’s goal of “enhancing its trusted services through global technology”, and hopes it can help students turn their study abroad dreams into realities.

Such scholarships can be life-changing for individuals like entrepreneur Prabesh Bajracharya who was the recipient of IDP Nepal’s Merit Scholarship in 2019.

According to Bajracharya, his scholarship to study a masters in Australia not only directly helped his career, but also his ability to support those around him. He said that he could not have started his own business so easily without this opportunity.

Pearson told The PIE “We know that scholarships can be life-changing for the individual, but also their communities, as we’ve seen in the example of Prabesh,”

“International students help create stronger ties with countries around the world, as they become proud ambassadors for both their home and host countries.”

According to Pearson, IDP have plans to move beyond institution-funded scholarships and extend coverage to all organisations that offer funding opportunities for students.


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