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Humboldt-Institut welcomes 70,000th student

German language provider, the Humboldt-Institut, has welcomed its 70,000th student, while anticipating a rise of enrolments in the next year.
August 21 2018
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German language school Humboldt-Institut has welcomed its 70,000th student since opening in 1977, and anticipates a rise of enrolments in the next year from students and young professionals seeking to work and study in the country.

2017 marked the first year when student numbers reached more than 5,000 enrollments, and numbers are expected to rise further, according to Tobias Langenstein, marketing director.

“Made in Germany’ is a synonym for quality all over the world and stands for many powerful brands”

“‘Made in Germany’ is a synonym for quality all over the world and stands for many powerful brands,” he explained. “This makes Germany a popular destination both for leisure and educational purposes.”

Langenstein said that the strong job market together with secondary and higher education offers in Germany are drivers in the demand for German language courses in Germany and abroad.

Germany surpassed its long-term goal of hosting 350,000 international students three years early in 2017 and was ranked as the most attractive European country for international students in 2018.

Despite an increase of English medium courses at German universities over recent years, German is still mandatory for the vast majority of courses, according to Langenstein. High quality academic education for “very little to almost no fees” is what attracts many international students to Germany, he said.

“English language courses are often very specialised and come with a hefty fee,” he explained.

A 2018 survey found that the majority (69.2%) of international students in Germany would prefer to stay in the country after completing their studies.

“For students who wish to stay in Germany after their studies and are looking to work in Germany, there is no way around a good proficiency in German for professional and daily life,” Langestein said.

Langenstein noted that Humboldt’s growth is spread over various countries.

“We can record above-average growth in the Brazilian, French, Spanish and Turkish market for 2018. What we also see is a re-strengthening of the Russian market which dipped significantly in 2016.”

Other competitors are also reporting growing student numbers, he added.


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