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ICEF Secondary Education event a “success”

The first annual ICEF Secondary Education event, held in California in January, has been described as an "overwhelming success" by those in attendance.
February 10 2020
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The first annual ICEF Secondary Education event which took place from January 20 to 22 has been described as an “overwhelming success” by those in attendance.

Directed at international providers and student recruitment agents of secondary, boarding, high school, academic summer camp, foundation and junior programs, the inaugural event welcomed 417 participants from 313 organisations to Long Beach, California.

“It was great to have a high school agent-focused event for my sector”

Markus Badde, CEO of ICEF, explained that due to the demand for foreign higher education qualifications, the market for secondary studies abroad has grown steadily over the past decade.

“Most major study destinations continue to report strong growth in enrolment for foreign diploma-seeking students,” Badde noted.

“A number of our secondary education customers – providers as well as secondary focused agents – have been asking us for quite some time now to organise a specific ICEF event catering to this market.”

The seminar program included sessions on the emotional wellbeing of international students and a panel discussion comparing secondary education systems across the world, as well as the education markets in Canada and New Zealand.

The event also facilitated over 4,000 one-to-one business meetings, as well as ample networking opportunities and a formal dinner.

“I really liked the length of the one-to-one meetings, [and] there was time to have a good chat and make notes to follow-up,” commented Rachel Fenton of Auckland Grammar School.

“It was great to have a high school agent-focused event for my sector, lots of new opportunities to explore further.”

Commenting on his experience, Evan Barnhart of Redwood Christian Middle School & High School in San Francisco said: “Apparently this was a first-time event for ICEF, but you would never have known it.

“Quality agents, combined with an excellent venue, creates an opportunity for growth.”

In subsequent years, the event will be held around the world to showcase different regions and secondary education destinations, with the 2021 event scheduled for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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