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ENZ leverages future of work position

Education New Zealand has launched a campaign to take advantage of the country's position as the best study destination to prepare for the future of work.
April 20 2018
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Education New Zealand has launched a new campaign to tap into the ongoing global conversation around the future of work, leveraging its position as the number one study destination for future-focused learning.

The eight-week campaign, Future Proof, aims to promote the country to international students and build a network of highly engaged potential learners after the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked New Zealand as having the best teaching environment in the 2017 Worldwide Educating for the Future Index.

“Students need to future-proof their careers because of the enormous pace of change that they will face over the next 50 years,” said John Goulter, ENZ’s general manager stakeholders and communications.

“To help students prepare for this future and to thrive with this unprecedented level of change, the [EIU] report said students need to acquire a raft of specific skills – interdisciplinary skills, creative and analytical skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership skills, digital and technical skills, and global awareness and civic education.

“Education is increasingly less about learning information and more about analysing and using information.”

Speaking with The PIE News, Goulter said Future Proof was the single largest marketing campaign undertaken by ENZ, adding so far, it had reached over 30 million people and had over 12 million global target audience engagements through video and ENZ’s digital channels.

“Students need to future-proof their careers because of the enormous pace of change they will face”

The next step, he said, was converting engagement into leads for institutions, which to date has been very successful.

“We have converted this interest into 58,382 active visits to Study in New Zealand,” he told The PIE.

“From these active visits, we’ve had more than 6,800 database sign-ups and almost 12,600 referrals through to our partner institutions.”

The future of work continues to be a major talking point around the world, with several conferences themed on the subject.

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