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Enroly raises £300k in second round funding

International student partner platform Enroly has raised in excess of £300k in a second round of funding to develop and scale the business.
May 29 2018
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International student partner platform Enroly has raised in excess of £300k in a second round of funding, which will be used to develop the model and scale the business aims over 12 months.

The online interface aims to connect high potential students with official university representatives and will use the new funding to expand the team, further technical development and invest in marketing and brand development.

“We work with agents across the globe, connecting them with high quality prospective students”

Enroly co-founder, Jeff Williams, said that international education is a market yet to be “impacted by technology”.

“The international education industry in many western countries is a top five export, making it one of the largest industries yet to be impacted by technology.

“This is a fragmented multi-billion dollar industry with a huge gap for a digitally focused platform which simplifies and improves the enrolment experience for students, agents and educational institutions.”

This second round of funding was made by a combination of Emerge Education and new angel investors.

“There is a vibrant EdTech community in London and it is not uncommon for high potential start-ups to receive investment to scale quickly,” Williams told The PIE News.

He added that Enroly is following in the footsteps of other companies that started on the Emerge Education Accelerator, including Bibliotech, Pi-Top and Kahoot.

The peer-to-peer platform allows current students to request support for friends back home from Enroly’s agent partner network and it aims to become the go-to resource for prospective international students with ambitions to study overseas.

More than 50 agents have already joined the Enroly network.

“We work with agents across the globe, connecting them with high quality prospective students,” Williams explained.

“This allows those agents to focus on conversion rather than screening unsuitable, non-genuine leads thereby enhancing their performance.”

The company is now in discussions with multiple Venture Capital firms in regards to series A investment in 2019, according to Williams.

An Enroly App is due to be released later in 2018.

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