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English UK moves in direct-to-student direction

English UK has forged an alliance with and its sister site,, in a targeted move to better leverage direct sales opportunities for its members, part of its current three-year international strategy.
September 4 2015
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The leading association for English language schools in the UK, English UK, has forged an alliance with and its language learning sister site,, in a strategic move to better leverage direct sales opportunities.

Each member of English UK will benefit from a full listing on the site, in four languages, for a three-month duration, under the new agreement announced this week.

Jodie Gray, head of market development at English UK, said that the alliance formed part of a new international strategy for the association that is being rolled out for 2015-2017, focusing on helping members to reach out directly to students, enhancing the UK’s profile as the world’s premier ELT study destination as well as continuing to work closely with education agencies via its flagship workshop, fairs and partner agency scheme.

“We think this is an excellent move for us and our members: StudyPortals’ more established sites have achieved extraordinary growth and reach and we have every expectation that LanguageLearningPortal will do the same.”

Rob Jansen, product director for the website, told The PIE News that currently 20,000 students per month visit the website.

He explained that listed schools only pay for click-throughs to their site, and he expects traffic to significantly grow as investment is made into the user experience and platform visibility.

“The partnership will definitely boost our common goal to help students choose an accredited language school in the UK and simultaneously help English UK members improve their online presence to get more direct student bookings,” he said.

“It is important that the UK ELT offer is well represented in these online channels”

Visitors to the site are most likely to be from Asia and Europe, with Italy, Germany and Turkey currently among countries which generate the most visitors.

Gray added, “New technology is transforming the information-gathering and purchasing habits of students and clients, who want more information and opportunity to research and choose their study destinations.

“It is important that the UK ELT offer is well represented in these online channels to complement the important and continuing work of educational agents. Our new alliance with StudyPortals is an important step in this direction.”

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