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English Attack! language service hits 1m int’l users

The entertainment-based English language learning service has announced new distribution partnerships in Asia and the Middle East after reaching the 1 million user mark for learners outside of France.
January 2 2018
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Entertainment-based English language learning service English Attack! has announced new distribution partnerships in Asia and the Middle East following rapid development of its business that saw it reach the 1 million user mark for learners outside of its home market of France.

International markets now account for over 90% of the service’s registered user base, following similar partnerships across Latin America and Europe.

The Paris-based EdTech company’s new distribution partners are Kolibri Education in Turkey, Connectere Solutions in Singapore, Learning Resources Network in Bahrain and EduCapsule Learning Initiatives in India.

Created by specialists in media and video games, in collaboration with teachers of English and experts in cognitive neuroscience, English Attack! is an English language learning solution based on clips from movies and TV series.

A distribution partnership with Santillana, the leading English language teaching textbook publisher in Spanish-speaking markets, resulted in Latin America becoming the leading region for the service, accounting for more than 250,000 learners across both Central and South America.

International markets now account for over 90% of the service’s registered user base

Eastern Europe is the second-ranked region for English Attack!, followed by Brazil and France.

The French domestic market now represents less than 10% of the company’s user base.

Co-founder and managing director of English Attack! Paul Maglione told The PIE News that its success in international markets is due in large part to a platform highly optimised for the global market.

“English Attack! was conceived from the outset as a globally relevant and internationally deployable online language learning resource, as the issues and needs facing learners of English in schools, companies and language institutes across markets and Regions are very similar,” he said.

“Each market, however, has its specific conditions and characteristics, which is why we have based our international expansion on long-term distribution partnerships with locally based companies already operating in that market’s education sector, and specifically in that country’s B2B language learning market.”

The service’s user interface is available in 26 languages and content is is filtered in respect of regional or national cultural sensitivities.

With a catalogue featuring more than 1,200 video lessons created by teachers of English, 350 visual dictionaries, and new learning units published weekly English Attack! is reportedly the only online English language service based on both films and TV series as well as games.

The service is engineered to maximise learner motivation, with language exercises based on clips from current entertainment and news, gamification and positive coaching algorithms, as well as assessment tests for evaluating learner progress at regular intervals.

Three months after starting to use the service, 57% of the panel users were found to have progressed by at least one level on the CEFR proficiency scale.

“Working with experienced, knowledgeable and trusted local partners allows us to more quickly identify opportunities, obtain scale in a given country, and make adjustments to our service to meet local requirements,” Maglione added.

“Through these partnerships, [we can] make real our vision for English Attack! to be a valuable and effective language training resource for millions of young people around the world wanting to improve the English language skills that will be vital for their personal and professional future.”

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