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Edvisor and Book&Learn partner up

Study travel booking platform Edvisor and Book&Learn have announced a partnership to create an application programming interface.
January 17 2018
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Study travel booking platforms, Edvisor and Book&Learn, have announced a partnership to give schools a single channel to reach agents. An integrated application programming interface will connect Book&Learn agents with Edvisor schools, according to bosses.

The companies say that the web tool will provide greater efficiency and accessibility for its members in a partnership that will have a combined reach of more than 3,500 agents.

Agents will be able to access real-time information, such as pricing, promotions, and marketing materials, and process student enrolments through Edvisor. Book&Learn agents will continue to access through the Book&Learn portal.

“It may seem like an unlikely partnership… but we were keen to simplify things for our schools”

Developers claim it will streamline the way member schools work with agents through both firms.

Across Europe, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, China and Japan, 455 language schools have joined Edvisor, according to Nicolas Miller, CEO of Edvisor.

He thinks the move will make operations easier for schools, despite Edvisor and Book&Learn continuing to individually offer their agency products.

“It may seem like an unlikely partnership as we have competing agency products, but we were keen to simplify things for our schools and give them a single place to reach more agencies and drive more efficiency across their B2B channel,” he said.

“Our mission is to empower agents and schools through technology, and we are taking a big step forward with a partner like Book&Learn by our side,” Miller added.

Gregorio Nieto, CEO of Book&Learn says technology should be used as a tool to streamline operations.

“We have built a strong agency network in the past two years and we wanted to simplify things for schools in order for them to reach all their agencies using technology in a single channel,” he said.

Edvisor launched its study travel booking platform in 2014.

The companies are currently working on the technical integration and expect to complete it in the second quarter of 2018.

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