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EC Language Solutions signs Egypt deals

EC Language Solutions, a division of EC English Language Centres, has signed two agreements to provide ELT and teacher training in Egypt.
May 8 2018
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EC Language Solutions, a division of EC English Language Centres, has signed two agreements to provide ELT in Egypt.

Following the high-level signing ceremony, EC will provide language training for the Arabian Foundation for Organising Trade Relations and Culture Exchange and the Egyptian National Center for Research and Studies.

“The availability of world-class education provides the potential to be a superpower”

The two organisations are working through digital learning division of EC, which will provide blended learning via EC’s Fusion digital platform, along with traditional English language teaching, and teacher training.

The deals are both six figure dollar amounts, and will service several thousand users, EC’s executive director of digital learning James Lee told The PIE News.

The Egyptian partners will both provide English teaching to the public, in order to improve general proficiency. But in addition they will use the EC expertise to provide sector-specific English courses in the banking and legal fields. This will be provided via learning centres belonging to the Egyptian partners.

The partnerships, which came about thanks to the close links between the UK and Egyptian governments, were also inspired by Egypt’s 2030 project – which aims to revolutionise the nation’s education sector. Part of this involves linking closely to the UK education sector.

As well as teaching in professional fields in Cairo and New Cairo, EC will provide teacher training and IT skills for ELT teachers outside the capital in regions such as Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria.

The signing took place in the residency in the UK’s embassy in Cairo, and was attended by the British ambassador John Casson, along with Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, prime minister May’s trade envoy to Egypt.

Speaking after the ceremony, Casson said the deal reflects the willingness of Egypt to improve education systems, and EC Language Solutions’ will to aid the project.

“The availability of world-class education to citizens provides a country with the potential to be a superpower. Companies like EC are aware of this and their willingness to invest in Egypt provides a new level of access to the world for Egyptian citizens who want to further enhance their English language skills,” he said.

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