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Diversity Abroad reveals EDIIE award winners

Seven winners of Diversity Abroad's 2021 Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion in International Education awards have been announced.
October 29 2021
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Seven winners of Diversity Abroad’s 2021 Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion in International Education awards have been announced at the organisation’s Global Inclusion conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

Three institutional/ organisational awards went to Ohio’s Miami University, Texas A&M University – Education Abroad and Baylor University, also in Texas.

The Executive Leader Award went to David Kwabena Wilson at Morgan State University, while Hernando Sevilla-Garcia of IES Abroad was recognised for the Rising Star award.

Two Global Student Leadership Awards went to University of Nebraska-Lincoln grad student Yi Xuen Tay and The University of Utah Undergraduate Alessandra Cipriani-Detres.

“The EDIIE awards highlight the innovative work our community is doing to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in global education and cultural exchange,” Diversity Abroad said in statement.

“The recipients have developed innovative practices, conducted original research and championed inclusive excellence.”

Yi Xuen Tay said she had “struggled to define what anti-racism, social justice and decolonisation means to me as an international student”.

“I focus most of my work in international education with DEI in mind”

“As I embarked on an ongoing journey of learning with the support of my community, I focus most of my work in international education with DEI in mind,” she said.

“From developing an international collaboration in Rwanda through Cultivate Access, co-founding the international student advisory board as the voice of international students on my campus, to my research interests in applying critical frameworks within international ed, I have found my voice.”

Alessandra Cipriani-Detres said that working in a learning abroad office during a global pandemic while in her final year as an undergraduate was “definitely a unique experience”.

“During that time I was able to be part of a project that would help improve study abroad accessibility for transfer students once the world opened up its doors again,” she told delegates.

Speaking after receiving the institutional award Miami University won, Cheryl Young, associate vice president for Global Initiatives at the institution said the university’s value statement “confirms our commitment to a liberal education that is grounded in character, intellect and respect for the dignity of others”.

“We defend the freedom of inquiry that is at the heart of learning  and combine that freedom with the acceptance of personal responsibility, in this we welcome a diversity of people, ideas and experience,” she added.

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