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Digital education platform partners with WeWork

2U has formed a partnership with WeWork to harness "the power of community" to boost its online learning offerings.
January 30 2018
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2U, a digital graduate-level education platform which partners with US universities and business schools, has formed a partnership with WeWork – an organisation that offers start-up firms and small businesses shared office space.

The deal, described as “multi-year, global, [and] exclusive”, will give 2U students access to WeWork membership, meaning that the fully-online students can use WeWork offices in 20 countries worldwide. These locations include the US, UK, Peru, China and Israel.

“Providing students in our degree programs global access to WeWork spaces is a win, win, win”

Along with evangelising for better access and flexibility to global higher education, the project is aimed at harnessing the “power of community”, by giving remote students a space to meet and work together, in real life.

Further, 2U will offer WeWork staff and customers $5 million worth of scholarships to access the graduate-level online courses it offers, as well as access to shorter courses on GetSmarter, which 2U acquired in 2017. These scholarships will be spread over three years.

It is hoped that the offer to WeWork’s 175,000 customers and 4,000 staff worldwide will boost the firm’s commitment to lifelong learning.

In WeWork CEO Adam Neumann’s own words; “We are all students for life, and this partnership creates incredible opportunities to foster lifelong learning.”

WeWork and 2U will also collaborate on a “Future of learning and work” centre, which will be unveiled at an as-yet-undisclosed WeWork location at some point in 2019.

This new centre will be used to give “space for students, faculty and staff in 2U-powered programs to host master classes, lecture series, and other events designed to showcase the future of work and learning”, according a statement from 2U.

2U’s CEO and founder Chip Paucek described the new partnership as “transformational”.

“Evolving our technology platform, offering our degree programs and short courses to the WeWork community and providing students in our degree programs global access to WeWork spaces is a win, win, win,” Paucek said in a statement.

“It is an exciting day for 2U and the beginning of a transformational collaboration.”

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