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CRCC Asia launches five scholarships

Internship company CRCC Asia has launched five scholarships for underrepresented groups as part of its corporate social responsibility month.
November 16 2018
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Global recruitment and internships provider, CRCC Asia, has announced November as its corporate social responsibility month, launching five scholarships for students from diverse backgrounds to undertake a program in Beijing or Ho Chi Minh city.

“The door is open to all and you are welcome”

The scholarships, which form part of CRCC Asia’s inclusion initiative, will support students with disabilities, and students in the Jewish, Black, Indigenous and LGBTQI+ communities to complete a month-long internship.

“When we decided to move forward with our inclusion initiative, we took time to reflect on the tremendous social impact that we make throughout the world with our programs and beyond,” said CRCC chief executive Daniel Nivern.

“These scholarships will allow us to dramatically change the lives of five individuals through five scholarships, fully funded by CRCC Asia.”

Dominic Palazzolo, CRCC Asia’s director of global initiatives and the project’s lead, said the scholarships would increase access to international opportunities for underrepresented groups.

“It is our commitment to open the door and provide access to all. We have highlighted the gap within the industry and aim to provide access to underrepresented groups,” Palazzolo said.

“They don’t need to conform to the social misconceptions that ‘because one comes from an underrepresented group that they simply can not take part in these opportunities’. The door is open to all and you are welcome.”

The scholarships join a similar program launched in mid-2018 and sees StudentUniverseUK again partner with the internship provider. Other corporate sponsors include the Association of Higher Education and Disability, KAHAL Abroad, and CNN political correspondent Symone D. Sanders.

As well as the scholarships, CRCC Asia’s offices will also participate in volunteer work for organisations including Wrap Up London, Second Harvest Food Bank in Tokyo, Saigon Children Orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, and the Migrant Children Foundation in Beijing.

Scholarship applications close 30 November 2018.

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