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CEG and KEDGE launch ONCAMPUS Paris

Cambridge Education Group has partnered up with "world-leading" French business school KEDGE to launch ONCAMPUS Paris.
April 19 2022
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Cambridge Education Group has partnered up with “world-leading” French business school KEDGE to make opportunities for and develop the academic and professional skills of international students.

The partnership, ONCAMPUS Paris, allows international students to study a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the campus located in the south of the French capital which will welcome students from September 2022 for both pathway and direct entry courses.

“KEDGE is really delighted to associate its institution with a dynamic and leading education group such as CEG,” said Alexandre de Navailles, director general of KEDGE.

“This academic alliance creates a truly multicultural atmosphere and intercultural experience which contributes to further internationalising our schools’ student bodies, which is the only way to understand the challenge of tomorrow’s world,” he added.

CEG already partners with 22 universities across the UK, Europe and the US but this will be the group’s first study centre in France and the fourth in Europe with campuses already set up in Sweden, the Netherlands and Ireland where students are studying at institutions ranked within the top global 100.

ONCAMPUS, which launched in 2008, aims to help international students who do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university by offering pre-university courses, leading to undergraduate and Masters degrees at leading, partnering universities .

Brendan Webb, co-CEO of Cambridge Education, highlighted the benefits of the “incredibly exciting development”.

“KEDGE has a wide range of enviable international placement opportunities threaded throughout its portfolio which will advantage students aiming for a global career in a competitive graduate job market,” he said.

“We are proud to support international students in developing their academic and professional skills in this world-leading Grand École in the heart of one of Europe’s most sophisticated, exciting and multi-cultural cities.”

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