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Austrade surveys Czechs: Canada ranks low

In a recent survey of 500 young Czechs commissioned by Austrade, 32% said they would choose to study in the UK, 23% in the USA and 20% in Australia, but only 2% in Canada. Meanwhile, Australia is most popular among 18-19 year olds...
December 27 2011
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In a recent Austrade survey, almost one third (32%) of young Czechs said they would most like to study in the UK, 23% in the USA and one-fifth (20%) in Australia. However, only 2% indicated they would choose Canada. 500 young Czechs were asked about their study abroad plans and preferences, including the factors that affected their study abroad choices. They were also asked about awareness of Australia as a study destination, and price expectations.

In good news for the survey sponsor, Australia was considered second best (and equal to the US) in terms of quality of educational institutions, behind the UK.

The highest interest in studying in Australia was found to be in those aged 18–19 years old. Of these, 46% of respondents said they would choose to pursue their higher education in Australia, 36% said language studies interested them and 14% considered Australia as a vocational destination.

The survey was commissioned to glean perceptions of Australian as a study destination, undertaken by Australia’s  international export arm, Austrade, in collaboration with industry research company, Student Marketing, which specialises in research in international education.

In other findings, the internet was said to be 2.5 times more favoured as a source for information about study abroad than any other channel (including education agencies, social networks and exhibitions). The use of online sources was even greater regarding study in Australia.

Austrade said Australia had no plans to step up recruitment efforts in Europe, but the results from the Czech survey will form the basis of a promotional programme in the country in 2012.

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