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AIB recruits business leaders for MBA programs

Online MBA provider, AIB, has announced 19 business leaders will deliver content for its guest lecturer series to boost its online courses and brand positioning.
August 24 2018
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The Asia Pacific general manager of eBay classified ads, Fujitsu Oceania’s head of sustainability, and a partner at PwC are among 19 guest lecturers announced by MBA provider, Australian Institute of Business, to boost its online MBA courses and brand positioning.

The announcement will see the likes of Jonathan Lister, vice president sales solutions at LinkedIn Canada, and Zena Boake, Audi Australia’s chief human resources officer joining AIB’s Industry Guest Lecturers series to allow students to tap into the expertise of business leaders.

“A number of the seminal bits of work that have always been taught…  you have to question whether they actually still apply”

“Connecting change to an overarching purpose and ensuring that all leaders understand why it is needed is absolutely critical,” Herbst said.

“You’ve got to be in touch with the real world, get real feedback and understand where real people are at with the change.”

AIB’s chief executive Paul Wappett said the addition of the 19 business leaders, who work across several industries, would help better position the provider for both domestic and international students.

“It’s important that we have a positioning that students and prospective students really understand about what sets AIB apart from other MBA providers,” he said.

“We think that is about having modern, relevant, useful credentials that business professionals can look at as being something that gives them a level of value that they can realise right from day one.”

Speaking with The PIE News, Wappett added there was a need to update courses around business to reflect changes in technology, as well as increased global connectedness.

“A number of the seminal bits of work that have always been taught at MBA schools you have to question whether or not they actually still apply,” he said.

The business leaders will deliver content over several mediums, including video, podcasts and written case studies, which will be packaged up as part of AIB’s online course material, and plans are underway for more business leaders to deliver content and offer counter-perspectives to addressing problems.

A recent analysis on MBA programs revealed as competition increases amongst providers, students are increasingly looking to Asian destinations.

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