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10 reasons to be excited about The PIE Live Europe ’24

The PIE Live Europe conference has become one of the highlights of the event calendar but this year the FOMO could be business-critical.
February 5 2024
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The PIE Live Europe conference has become one of the highlights of the annual events calendar and often creates a sense of FOMO – but this year, attendance could be business-critical.

UK and European institutions are facing huge challenges and politics has never been more intrusive in our mission to promote international education.

The agenda has been announced and we have highlighted 10 reasons that make this conference unmissable:

1. Call to arms! It’s time to mobilise

At times it has felt like the very fabric of the industry is being called into question, be it in national media coverage or on the political stage. The role and purpose of international students in society is under review and it feels like the good work is being undone. It’s time to mobilise the troops and get creative in our response!

Check out: Breaking news – former universities minister Jo Johnson confirmed to speak

2. Asking the tough questions

We pride ourselves on asking the big questions and this year we will be talking candidly about the challenges in recruitment. For some there are serious issues and lots of confusion – gaps in numbers, falls from key source markets, low conversion from CAS to enrolment and tightening budgets. Postmortem examination or the kiss of life? Either way you will get the answers you seek.

Check out: Day 1 – ‘Where have all the students gone and what can we do about it?’ 

3. Emerging leaders

Building on our ‘voices’ series, our attention has turned to the bright talent emerging across the sector. From entrepreneurial success to future directors, we will be showcasing loads of new speakers and welcoming new ideas to the stage! We also have a special ticket discount code for universities to send international officers as part of their professional development.

Check out: Day 1 – ‘The importance of developing emerging leaders’ 

4. An election year

2024 is set to be a record year for voting, with over half of the world’s population living in countries scheduled to hold federal and local elections – not least the UK and US. What does this mean for TNE partnerships, investment strategies and enrolment flows? We will welcome to the stage cross-party parliamentarians and drill down on far right politics impacting countries like the Netherlands.

Check out: Day 1 – ‘The policy update’  and ‘UK-India relations – is the PSW visa under threat again?’

5. The PIE ‘On Air’

Our latest addition to The Brewery venue is a backstage studio where our editorial team will be capturing the buzz and chatter from our audience. This is our attempt at a speakers-corner, a place where everyone can have their say and join the debate. From fun social content to speaker interviews expect more quality coverage from our reporters on the ground.

“A view from the top will put international education into context of the wider challenges universities face”

6. VC / PVC panel

As always we are punching high with another stellar line-up of university leaders, politicians and directors this year. With so much uncertainty around higher education funding we felt it was important to take a view from the top that puts international education into context of the wider challenges universities face. Expect big questions and home truths.

Check out: Day 2 – ‘A view from the top – VC / PVCi perspectives’ 

7. Sustainability in action

We’re following in the footsteps of the incredible examples set in the sector to make our events more sustainable and positive for the environment. From travel policies to zero waste and local sourcing, we’ve been looking at the marginal gains. This process includes platforming what sustainability looks like in tangible reality on both a personal level and an institutional level. We hope our green-track agenda will help turn the seeds of possibility into meaningful climate actions for all of us.

Check out: Day 1 – ‘the sustainability roundtable’ hosted by the Climate Action Network for International Educators

8. India, China, MENA, Africa

We have turned the agenda over to a range of experts in these markets as guest hosts to curate a true reflection of the major issues in these key geographical regions. From emerging markets in Francophone African countries to the complexity of articulation agreements in China – it’s time we updated our perspectives on how to approach the behemoths. If this is the start of the Asian century, the balance of power and the needs of students are shifting. Expect a geopolitical masterclass where we figure out who, where, how and why.

Check out: Day 2 – ‘China – Complacency versus complexity’

9. Europe in the spotlight

European colleagues are facing contrasting fortunes at them moment. Germany, France and Ireland are benefitting from negative policies in the big four anglophile destinations. Whereas the rise of nationalist governments in Sweden and The Netherlands is disrupting cross-border universities, research partnerships, teaching in English and visa issuance. Plus ‘Brexit is a process’ (sigh) but is there hope in sight if there is a change in government in the UK?

Check out: Day 2 -‘The Netherlands – policy and politics’

10. Networking 

The root of this conference is our love for the intled community. New and old friends, renewing partnerships and exploring new ones, a delicious dinner and remembering we are all in the same boat! From a live podcast performance to inspirational keynotes, we aim to entertain as well as inform. Home turf for The PIE always adds a new dimension of fun!

Check out: Day 1:  ‘Drinks reception and gala dinner’ and ‘Tales from the Departure Lounge’

In addition we have the classic International Student Roundtable, a marketing track including amazing sessions on influencers and peer recruitment secrets. An AI-speed dive where we show you the latest tech-hacks happening and a panel solely dedicated to agents themselves speaking the truth to universities…

The PIE Live Europe will take place March 19-20, 2024, at The Brewery London. It is a short, sharp conference that brings together leaders and emerging leaders from across the sector. Book your tickets or enquire about concessions or sponsorship availability here

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