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Ireland’s allure: how one education agency steps apart from competitors

Discover the allure of Ireland, a vibrant hub for education that beckons students with its unique blend of quality academics and affordability.

Transparent data at the IEO Application Portal ensures clarity on earned commissions

As the sole English-speaking member of the European Union post-Brexit, Ireland is fast becoming the preferred destination for international students seeking a top-notch education without breaking the bank.

In the academic year 2020/21, more than 25,000 international students embraced the enriching Irish educational experience, represent a close to 90% increase in numbers since 2007/08. By 2022/23, this had increased to 35,140, marking an impressive spike in the number of students enrolled.

Among them, a substantial number were international students, hailing from non-EU countries – as well as from the UK and the EU – and contributing significantly to this thriving academic community.

Enter the Ireland Education Office, a specialised recruitment firm dedicated to unlocking the potential of the Irish education sector.

We seek to be a guiding light, illuminating the path for students worldwide with our wealth of knowledge on application processes, scholarship opportunities and seamless student visa assistance. As a trusted ally of Irish institutions, IEO offers unparalleled insights, making the student journey an exciting adventure.

“I’m thrilled to witness Ireland’s educational landscape flourishing with academic success and excellence,” says IEO director, Osamah Qureshi, when notified of the growing number of students enrolling in Ireland.

“With range of English tests accepted by Irish institutions, scholarship opportunities, the substantial range of subjects, high-ranked Irish universities  and the promising employment opportunities, Ireland stands as a beacon for aspiring minds.

“Ireland stands as a beacon for aspiring minds”

“Therefore, it is IEO’s responsibility and pleasure to provide our students with the guidance and resources necessary to flourish and succeed in their futures.”

Unlike conventional agencies and edtech portals, IEO stands out by placing Ireland firmly in its spotlight.

This focused approach allows IEO to provide exceptional expertise and unwavering support to students, institutions, and recruitment partners alike. IEO’s strengths encompass an intimate understanding of Irish admission and visa processes, and robust partnerships with accommodation providers, language testing organisations, and health insurance providers, all backed by two decades of experience.

IEO director, Osamah Qureshi.

Recruitment partners should also collaborate with IEO for a seamless and rewarding experience.

With a diverse portfolio of over 25 institutions showcased in an interactive slider, recruiters benefit from faster processing through an all-in-one platform, reducing inefficiencies. Transparent data at the IEO Application Portal ensures clarity on earned commissions.

The platform offers access to thousands of course options with a simplified application process and a mobile app for added convenience.

Ongoing WhatsApp support groups, lead management, admissions processing and regular agent networking events enhance the recruitment process, making it faster and smarter. IEO’s commitment to empowering counsellors and recognising their importance in student engagement sets us apart.

Recruiters can join IEO as partners without any charges, ensuring a mutually beneficial collaboration.

IEO goes above and beyond, hosting Irish education fairs and pre-departure events while maintaining a close collaboration with Enterprise Ireland and other key Irish bodies.

We also offer a user-friendly Irish course search engine, expert application assistance via our Online Application Platform, and streamlined support for visa processing, ensuring a hassle-free journey from application to arrival.

For Irish institutions, IEO opens doors to a network of trained and qualified recruitment partners, boosting program visibility and reducing administrative burdens for admissions teams. Agents, too, reap the benefits of access to all Irish institutions, commission tracking and valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of Irish education.

Driven by a passion for bridging the information gap, Qureshi founded the organisation to champion Ireland as a premier study destination. IEO parents body SCS has been in the recruitment and international education field for 20+ years.

Additionally, our sister organisation Institute of Career Development is authorised English Test Center for various approved English exams accepted by the Irish Justice Department for study visa applications making IEO one-stop-shop for students.

Recognising a void in the market, Qureshi aims to dispel misconceptions about Ireland’s visa process and education costs, bringing the spotlight to this gem of a country. With a commitment to education, IEO strives to empower agents, students, parents and career counsellors with accurate, up-to-date information through workshops, events and continuous collaboration.

Join the journey with IEO, where Ireland’s rich educational tapestry unfolds, promising not just academic excellence but a life-changing experience. Don’t miss out – seize the opportunity to explore the vibrant and welcoming educational landscape that Ireland has to offer. Embark on your educational odyssey with IEO, your gateway to a world-class education in the heart of Europe.

About the author: This is a sponsored article paid for by Ireland Education Office. IEO is an independent registered organisation and is not affiliated with Education Ireland or Enterprise Ireland.

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