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China response “didn’t address” students’ concerns

China’s international students have been left disappointed by the Foreign Ministry response to the China International Student Union’s campaign to allow international students to return to China.

ChinaSome students have been waiting to return to China for over a year. Photo: iStock

Some students have now began calling a boycott on paying fees

When asked about the issue during a daily press briefing, spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that the question had already been raised “many times” and that “each time we gave you a response”.

“I would like to recap our position. First, as [the] Covid-19 situation remains severe, all countries are taking prevention and containment measures based on their own conditions,” he said.

“This is to protect the safety and health of all citizens, including students. I’m sure everyone will understand this.

“Second, we hope the international community will strengthen anti-epidemic cooperation to win the fight as soon as possible so that students can return to campus sooner rather than later.

“Third, on the precondition of observing containment protocols, the Chinese authorities will study in a coordinated manner the matter of allowing foreign students to come back for their studies and maintain communication with relevant parties.”

The recently formed China International Student Union represents a coalition of students from 200 universities across China who argue that online courses are not up to scratch, communication between students, authorities and universities is poor, and that they are being banned from the country while certain other categories of visa holders can return.

Students on medical courses also face the prospect of their qualifications not being valid in their home country if done through online learning.

“It’s good they responded but it obviously didn’t address the problem,” said one of the union’s organisers.

“It’s good they responded but it obviously didn’t address the problem”

In a Tweet the union added “issues with online classes, medical degrees validation and lab work still exist they haven’t gone anywhere.”

One student shared a WeChat conversation they had with their university about taking HSK (Chinese language proficiency) tests if they were not offered in their home country. Screenshots of the messages show the staff member responding that “the world is like this, there is no absolute fairness… I am in vacation but I have to working overtime. Do you think this is fair for me?”.

Some students have now begun calling for a boycott on paying fees for the new semester on social media due to the Chinese government’s “poor and illogical” response. Informal polls on Twitter suggest over 90% are in favour of such action.

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21 Responses to China response “didn’t address” students’ concerns

  1. They are just playing with our future,what kind of cowardness is this which china is last 8 month and now what the diffrence in case in china,,,,
    there are many peoples who.have fever what you think you will close your country because of fear…why you victimizing only students…why you allowing businessman ,worker.they cannot spread virus only students can? we are future of our countries if in future you will come to our country we will behave to you as same you behaved now,,,,
    Remember revenge is not always equal…sometime you paid alot if you affect someone life..
    #takeusbacktochina ASAP

  2. I am also a student in certain university in china please Chinese government they have to allow us to go back in china its very difficult for us to pay the fee and what we are getting it online education is that fair actually we are real tired and you can find someone is just nearly for him or her to graduate and what happens is just graduating online in which the degree is holding its has no value since its a online degree let them know for now they are holding our future and if they think its difficult for us to go back to china i think even them they should stop doing admission for the new intakes#takeusbacktochina #takeusbacktochina

  3. I am a first year student in a certain University in China, i paid my fees including accommodation. We are currently doing online classes which is sometimes boring, till now we don’t know as to when we will be called to campus.

  4. We did two sem online and next sem online is not possible because this type of online education or degree not accepted by MCI …other countries allows their international students then why not china? Pendamic not over untile it’s not over from our mind we have to go through current situation with proper precaution and all countries trying to minimize this situation…so many students take educational loan for complete their studies and fullfill their dreams…what about this students? Students who are in internship and final year don’t allow to attend online class …and due to this they Allred lost one year ….what about final and internship student deos china gov have side plan for this students? We have to fight this pendamic by making unity …..please do and show some concern towards international students.. seriously our parents lose hope related to our education and studies.. so many my friends transfering to other countries.. online education is not possible for medical students please 🥺

  5. They are playing with students future….this type of degree not accepted by our country..other countries allows their international students then why not china?… seriously discusting things 😑

  6. Can anyone here our voice 😭😭😭😭… …
    #takeusbacktochina.. .
    #dark future
    #online studies not possible for medical students

  7. Allow us Inn we will take your Vaccination! because we trust china! but this online education system is bias we do not gain nor understand anything! it is harddd!!!

  8. nothing will ever go in our favor china only need money they do not care what so ever happen. Students future is at stake and our parents do not know what to do as we are stuck midway. I have to start internship in 2 months if china did not allow me back my whole year will be wasted (again). I think this makes china happy wasting young students, and spoiling future. We have no where to go and china really does not want to answer us in any way and will definately not answer. They only need money so they allowed businessmen from even US where is highest covid in numbers. It seems like they are taking some sort of revenge from students.
    Anyways nothing will make them change their minds, so keep waiting time and hurting parents feelings, breaking all hopes. NO NEWS CHANNEL IS EVEN SPREADING THIS ISSUE. AS THEY ALL ARE BUSY IN JUST PUBLIC ISSUES. NO ONE REALLY HELPING STUDENTS.

  9. Chinese universities are doing exactly what British universities, providing pointless online courses and charging full fees. The only difference is that these students stay in their home country and many Chinese students are staying in expensive accommodation (£10,000 + a year) which is no more than a tiny single room.

    These students can:
    1) Try to Defer a year
    2) Change to their local universities
    3) Complain about how unfair China is to your (without realising Covid is unfair, many people died and lose their jobs)
    4) Try to make the best of a bad situation

  10. i’m a first year student and i’m so done with online classes i can’t focus neither understand and i’ve paid my studying plus i have no idea when we will be able to go to china sometimes i just think about giving up i am already 22 yo and still didn’t do anything in my life i think that i am getting older and sometimes i meet some of my friens who had already tought about what to do in their lives i just feel so lost

  11. What the Chinese Government is showing us is that Education is not as important in their country , other countries have prioritize students to get in as they prioritize Diplomats and Business men ! This is very disappointing , their arrogant responses are very demotivating . I personally will quit and apply to study in some other country . China is a great country but the way they’re treating students makes me question a lot of things ! Thank you for the opportunity , but its time to say Goodbye . Our lives are being damaged and you don’t even care !

  12. This is getting out of hand, I’m also an int student and I’ve been waiting for quite some time, other countries are accepting students!!! Why not China, how do you think other countries are handling the situation, we’re just it so hard to understand?!!!! This is disappointing

  13. Due to the covid we have left out education since the pandemic started. The other countries calling the international students to return back for studies so how about China. Please inform the individual universities to put some preventive measures and call back to the international students.

  14. I am an ex-student. I need my degrees to be evaluated by WES, but my university is not responding in anyway …. they are not helping anyone in any matter.

  15. please allow the foreign students return to china because their precious time have been waste. please consider this big problem and allow them to return china according complete measures of SOPs

  16. Here are half of the students have got vaccination most of them Chinese vaccine. So, our concern is now what should we do more to return to our universities and complete our education. I think they should take some notice now that the students who already have been vaccinated to let them back if they do’nt, it’s really a joke with humans and no one will forget if they suffer from this unkind behavior, well they have to show some seriousness now to the students.

  17. If this pandemic continue for the next 10 years does it mean China institution of learning will be completely closed ,china should think beyond pandemic

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