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China responds to int’l student entry question

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was asked about when international students would be permitted to return to China during a regular press conference at the end of December after months of students waiting for an update on their situation.

ChinaInternational students have been waiting for months to return to China. Photo: Pixabay

"The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of overseas students in China"

When asked about the status of students considering “many categories of foreign nationals have been allowed to enter China on various grounds following Covid protocols”, spokesperson Wang Wenbin said he was “not aware of the specifics” surrounding the issues international students have been facing.

But he said “the Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the legitimate rights and interests of overseas students in China”.

“It requires colleges and universities to keep in close contact with overseas students, carefully arrange online courses for them, and properly address their legitimate concerns and needs,” he continued.

“While taking effective epidemic prevention and control measures, China will assess the situation concerning resumption of studies in China for foreign students and will continue discussing that with all parties.”

“China will assess the situation concerning resumption of studies in China for foreign students”

The statement from the Foreign Ministry will likely not be enough to satisfy international students however, who have previously reported struggles in contacting their universities, low quality of online education and said that their qualifications in fields such as medicine will not be accepted back home if done remotely.

Those not in the country also said their scholarship stipends have been suspended.

“We definitely understand the difficulties some students are having,” said China Admissions founder Richard Coward, who added the company was gathering feedback from students and sharing this with universities, and also working to help develop new online programs in order to help students.

“[Border openings are] based on the coronavirus cases around the world and government policy. We can just look at what has happened so far and we can expect a similar pattern.

“The border was opened up in phases with some closer, and lower risk countries first,” he continued.

“Those with a work visa were first to be able to return. Students from Korea have been able to return and get student visas since July.

“However as there was a resurgence in Covid cases around the world, some workers from certain countries are now no longer able to return. When cases reside, we expect next will be those with a work visa and students from closer, low risk countries.”

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20 Responses to China responds to int’l student entry question

  1. This is very unfortunate for international students. Government can take preventive action like vaccination or doing quarantine then allowing them for reaching to the university. Because online class is not worthful.

  2. Please allow for Pakistani students to return to China in March 2021 because in Pakistan the COVID-19 situation is much better now

  3. Please allow for Pakistani students to return to China in March 2021 because in Pakistan the COVID-19 situation is much better now even many other countries now allowed to students to come back then why only china still didn’t allow why?

  4. Please allow all the internships students to return to china with prior covid screening and there after quarantine. As there is no acceptence of online internship .
    Regular study programs can be conducted through online class but internship can’t.

  5. This shows that China will never be a leader in education globally and won’t attract foreign talent. They discard the very really hardships of their international students who are without work and income. I can guarantee this mishandling of international students will deter future potential students from pursuing and education in China because the government has shown they can’t be trusted in caring about the international students there

  6. Please allow Pakistani students and also all countries which are better now because most country students are very eager for china . I am a lab student and just wasted my time in Pakistan because I can’t do my work here so if Chinese government allow us I will start my work and will get my degree

  7. We as medical student asking you to allow us to go back and complete our studies, online doesn’t work with medical students , we have hospitals we have labs we have our future , how are we gonna be able to be a doctors with online study , please try to understand , we already lost one year , we are just asking to get our invitation letter and go back and we are ready for rules after going back ( quarantine , vaccination, … ) hope to go back before the new semester . Thank you !

  8. Hopefully medical students who have incomplete internship and final exam to be given are called back to finish their course by March 2021. Can we expect a response to this?

  9. Please invite international students back to China because they are very very depressed about their study please cooperate with us

  10. Not only medical students china must allow students to return to China from those countries where COVID-19 situation is under control and vaccine has been also stated

  11. covid cases have went down in botswana and we would like to come back as soon as possible also keep in mind we are still paying rent as some of our things are still in china

  12. Please allow Ethiopian Students, Because COVID-19 case in our Country is stable, We eagerly want to come back China, Online Class is not worth full, Since all coutries are allowing International students to come back even India, Why not China; Since China is better by everything, Now it’s February, Please do something and help us to come back in March.

  13. It was so hard for some of us to be were we are now.Now that we have the opportunity you just crush us down like small ants.Consider our lives and our education it means so much to us than you can ever imagine

  14. I think students must undrestand the situation, many other countries are using online education; it is also better for our health. We should stay home until everything is under control. It is not safe to attend classes and if it’s online, why should students go to china?
    Health of us and others should come first

  15. Hello sir/ madam ..
    I am from Nepal.
    Please allow the international students to return back to China , because the online classes in not so worthy for all the international students.
    Thank you.

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