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USA: Update and expand overseas recruitment urges WES

Universities in the US are missing out on increasing overseas students by not taking a campus-wide approach to their recruitment strategies, according to World Education Services. The organisation also claims that digital marketing campaigns are five years behind the user habits of target student groups.

More British students choosing the USA

British students increasingly want to study at US universities as they face higher fees and graduate unemployment at home, the research organisation World Education Services claims. It found a 22% rise in applications in 2008-2010 and 13% in 2010-2012 – and says numbers will climb again next year.

How has Saudi Arabia’s KASP impacted the sector?

The King Abdullah Scholarship Programme is one of the largest national scholarship schemes in history: Saudi Arabia has invested US$5 billion sending hundreds of thousands of students to study a language and targeted degree programmes overseas. The programme is not without its trials, but its benefits – both social and cultural, as well as to the bottom line of institutions – are evident. Dan Thomas reports.

US: HE should “refocus” on emerging markets

US universities should refocus their attention on “emerging” recruitment markets to avoid over reliance on traditional sources, the education think tank World Educational Services (WES) has claimed in a new report. It points to Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Vietnam and Turkey as top targets, warning dependence on the likes of India, Korea and China means less campus diversity and more financial risk.


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